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Shape not Size: Technology and Inclusivity in the Fashion Industry

Thursday 26 October 2023, 18.00-19.30 | Innovation Studio, AUB Campus


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This lecture is part of the AUB Open lecture series, a series of events sharing specialist knowledge on topics of design thinking and creative practice. The lectures support the university's commitment to its civic agenda.

In this talk, Penny Norman will explore how innovative technology can be used in the fashion industry to address inclusivity, fit, and sustainability.

About this event

Shape not Size: can the integration of body scanning technology into digital fitting methods, utilising bespoke avatars improve inclusivity, fit and sustainability?

With the increasing reliance on digital technology globally, and the marriage of the gaming industry and fashion specific software’s to improve 3D visualisation, brands are now planning time and resources to assist the adoption of the full 3D digital production process into their business strategies.

Many are looking at how these technologies can speed up the sampling process and provide more control and autonomy in their production cycle.

This has opened a wide area for research as companies strive to understand the potential of this technology as well as investigating how it can be used for better, greener practice and improve the interaction between themselves and their customers.

This lecture addresses issues around ‘fitting’ and how problems highlighted in traditional approaches to sizing can be addressed through the implementation of virtual fitting and prototyping.

More specifically the discussion focuses on the use of digital avatars and body scanning to improve the fit process whilst also challenging and enhance the existing sizing system implemented throughout most brands.

The research has been conducted in consultation with several brands that are at the forefront of digital fashion innovation from different market sectors.

About the speaker

Penny Norman Course Leader (MA) | Senior Lecturer BA (Hons)


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