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Image of colour squares on a window

Global Networks

Global Networks

The motivation behind Global Networks is to cultivate inspirational and experimental learning environments and open up a world view for both student and tutor through exciting international projects. These optional projects, with one of our international partner organisations, aim to stretch and challenge the student’s art practice and critical faculties whilst simultaneously increasing their awareness of broader social contexts.

Richard Waring, Course Leader, BA (Hons) Fine Art

A person's hand holding a document out in front of the camera. The document's cover shows a small group of people sharing flowers between them. Text reading "Systems of sharing taking relaying" appears along the top and bottom of the document.

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Laura Eldret – Art as a Commons/Acts of Living Together

A series of sessions for a cohort of students to explore commoning within art practice as social activity, a way of...

Abstract black and white drawing with mixed 2D and 3D elements.

Athens, Greece – Augustus Veinoglou – Snehta

Students entered into a narrative-based journey with artist and Snehta artist-residency founder Augustus Veinoglou. They explored and...

Five student sitting around a table and reading books in the Biblioteka library. Several bookshelves are standing in the background.

London, England – Alex Culshaw – Biblioteka

Biblioteka is a library that collects and makes publicly available artists' books, photography books, zines, ephemera and publications...

two images, one cropped into a specific section and the other showing a person wearing multiple layers of textiles over their body

Johannesburg, South Africa – Andy Weir – The Less Good Idea

Students worked with curator Bronwyn Lace and performer Bongile Gorata Lecoge-Zulu from Center for The Less Good Idea, interdisciplinary...

Image of a table with a city view from the window

Bantayan Island, Philippines – Emily Hawes – Atossa Press

The Atossa Press* is a long-distance, durational and collaborative letter-writing project, connecting international artists with...

Two images, one of a tree in the dark and the other is a colour drawing of a red woodland

Islamabad, Pakistan – Eugenia Ivanissevich – TALKING TREES

This is my info on the International Project with SPARC, which is not a charity but an NGO, a society - Society for the Protection of the...

A group of people sat around a table playing musical instruments.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Harry Meadows – Copenhagen Project

AUB students were invited to make work in Copenhagen and exhibit at the Kiosk7 (2018) and Polychrome (2020) galleries. These art and...

black and white photo of a woodland with white text that says: Sonic Camouflage

Evia Island, Greece – Richard Waring – Sonic Camouflage

Sonic Camouflage brings several art students and a tutor together to create a sonic and performative artwork. The artwork responds to...

Image of the British Pavillion building from the front

Venice, Italy – Richard Waring – British Council Venice Biennale Research Fellowships

This is a one-month residency in Venice for two students to undertake during the time between second and third year. Fully...

AUB students in Milan

Naples, Italy – Richard Waring – Naples residency and screening

The Italian VVV residency is an exciting collaborative inter-university video art project that ran for nine years. BA (Hons) Fine Art...