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Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation

The Arts University Bournemouth Charitable Foundation was established in February 2005 (Charity Commission Number: 1109648).

The objects of the Trust as stated in the Governing Document are:-

The advancement of educational opportunity for students at the Arts University Bournemouth within the subject areas of art, design, media and performance in such ways as the Trustees shall think fit

In practice, there are a number of areas where the Foundation has been active in recent years so as to support the institution and the student experience, in particular.

These include:

  • Oversight of ‘Endowment Prizes’ to students following bequests or legacies from friends of AUB and presented annually at Graduation Ceremonies.
  • Award of Travel Bursaries to students.
  • Fundraising from alumni and friends of AUB for specific projects.
  • Receiving regular reports and making decisions in respect of AUB Investment Fund.


From time to time, we engage in fundraising activities. Most recently, we raised funds for our award-winning Drawing Studio, designed by AUB alumnus, Professor Sir Peter Cook.

Endowment Prizes

Each year, a number of Endowment prizes and awards are made at our Graduation ceremony to deserving students. These are the result of bequests or donations by individuals who have or who have had special association with the University and are administered by the AUB Charitable Foundation.

Current prizes include the following:

The annual Textiles Prize for an AUB Textiles graduate was established in 2017 as part of our collaboration with AUB on the exhibition Lucienne Day: Living Design, which had launched at The Gallery, AUB that year.

Further details can be found at

Anne Corkett was a dedicated and much-respected member of the institution’s staff from 1968 until 1988. In February 1988, Anne sadly passed away.

The Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design, as AUB was known then, wished to remember Anne in a tangible way and thus ‘The Anne Corkett Memorial Prize’ was established. The accolade has been awarded annually by the AUB Charitable Foundation to a selected Photography/Commercial Photography student.

Kate Davis – BA (Hons) Photography

Kate received the Anne Corkett Prize in 2016. She said:

“The prize made my Graduation day even more rewarding and it encouraged me to continue making work and developing my career as a Photographic Artist. The prize money supported me in my ‘post-uni’ transition, during which I moved to London and began life as a freelancer.

I feel that I am in a more progressive place in my career now and can focus primarily on making new personal work and collaborating with like-minded people. I am currently working on a long-term personal project, which I began in my final year at AUB – watch this space!

I am continuing to broaden my knowledge and skills and have had some great work opportunities recently, one of which was being appointed as the Creative Director of the Campaign Against Sex Robots. I aspire to never give up, to keep making work and to keep challenging myself. My aim is to have a solo exhibition and have my own studio space, where I can keep making work for a very long time.

I’m always motivated by the advice: ‘You’re only as good as your last piece of work.”

A number of Dean’s Prizes are awarded to students annually on the basis of the following criteria: creativity, experimentation, understanding of environmental issues, studentship, intellectual rigour, research skills, collaborative endeavour.

Caitlin Goble – BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Caitlin received the Dean’s Prize (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture) in 2017. She said:

“I really couldn’t believe it. I have always struggled to be confident in my own work, so to receive an award for my Final Major Project was amazing. I was so happy that my hard work had been recognised in this way.

I started working as a Graduate Designer at an office design practice in September. It’s great to be out in the real world, earning for myself and designing for real projects and clients.

My advice would be to stay as creative and free as possible at university. This is your chance to work outside of boundaries and make the most of being surrounded by creative students from all different types of disciplines. Live to work not work to live!”

Dorset Visual Arts award an annual prize to a graduating student studying either Illustration, Graphic design or Fine Art/Printmaking. The prize is given to the student who demonstrates the best synthesis of creativity, research and making skills, and needs to meet the interests of Dorset Visual Arts.

Ede & Ravenscroft supply the Graduation robes for AUB staff and students and also provide the photography service for students on the day of Graduation. They have been associated with AUB for many years and recently wished to provide a prize to a selected student studying Costume.

Fred Spurr first became involved with AUB when he produced our Fashion and Costume shows which were held on the AUB campus, and subsequently, our Graduate Fashion Week catwalk shows in London. The Awards for Design and Communication were established in Fred’s memory to acknowledge his contribution to AUB and to encourage Fashion students in their studies.

The Charitable Foundation at AUB administers a memorial fund for Harriet Craigs, a student of Film, who tragically died in 2002. From this, an annual award is made to a graduating Film or Animation student and presented at the Graduation Ceremony.

Liam Findlay – BA (Hons) Animation Production

Liam received the Harriet Craigs Award in 2016. He said:

“I greatly appreciated the recognition for the hard work that I had put in during the course. I was grateful for the £250, which supported me in the first steps of my career, as I travelled to different cities to work for animation studios.

Even when I chose to study animation, I had never truly known what sort of career I wanted – I just knew that I wanted to tell stories in a creative way. My first job after graduation was working as a stop-motion animator on a Roald Dahl project in Birmingham, alongside a writing internship for a video game, and I spent some time as a runner on Aardman’s latest feature film.

I went on to work at a puzzle room attraction called Escape Dungeons, where I started as a designer and host and was promoted to manager. I love immersive themed attractions, which can create the most memorable and unique stories for people in utterly fantastical ways. I left at the end of August to take on design/ideas work for some really exciting and top-secret projects. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the career I want!

My advice would be to not worry if you’re not sure what you’d like to do in your career, or if you’ve been trying for a long time and it’s not going well.

As long as you’re earning enough to survive, the most important thing is to enjoy life and a good career is only one of many ways you can have a fulfilling life. If you keep exploring and take your time, hopefully, something that you love will appear for you (whether it be a career or something else entirely)- have patience, don’t despair and most importantly, enjoy the present.”

Jean Hunnisett Prize for Costume DesigJean Hunnisett was a regular visiting tutor to AUB. On her death, Jean bequeathed monies to be used by the University for the benefit of students studying Costume.

In addition to the prize awarded at the Graduation ceremony, the bequest has been used to provide bursaries to enable students to travel in connection with their course of study and to buy extra special materials not normally provided by AUB for projects.

Sophie Fretwell – BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design

Sophie received the Jean Hunnisett Prize in 2017. She said:

“I was incredibly excited when I learned I’d won the Prize. Not only did it give me great pride to have a recognition of three years of hard work, it was also a great thing to put on my CV, LinkedIn etc.

I’m currently working as a Costume Illustrator for a new series that the BBC is commissioning, one of my favourite books as well! It’s all very exciting.

I’m also returning to AUB to complete a masters in Animation Production and am already setting up some cross-course collaboration with the Costume and Performance Design course, which should be a fun project.

As for advice, something I try to tell myself when I’m freaking out about my career or whether I’m successful is: if you don’t give up, you can’t fail to succeed. It doesn’t really matter how long it takes you!”

Nicholas Durbridge served as a member of the AUB Governing Body for many years and was Chair of the Governing Body from 2007 until 2012. On his retirement, he wished to continue his involvement with AUB by offering an award to a group of students from different disciplines who have worked together to produce work of excellent quality to a professional standard at Level 6.

The Nigel Beale Prizes are awarded for Costume and Performance Design, for Graphic Design and for Make-Up for Media and Performance.

Nigel Beale has a long-established association with AUB, having served as Chair and member of the AUB Governing Body for many years. He is now a Trustee and Chair of the AUB Charitable Foundation. He has contributed to a number of prizes over the years for students in the creative arts and currently prizes for Fashion, Graphic Design and Make-up are awarded in his name.

An objective of the British Cinematography Scholarship Trust was to preserve the memory and reputations of some eminent British cinematographers by endowing scholarships in their names. Ossie Morris was one of these cinematographers whose career spanned over six decades.

The Trust was dissolved in 2003 and the funds generated over the years were dispersed between film schools offering their cinematography scholarships. AUB has continued to make an award in Ossie Morris’ memory to a selected Film student.

Paul Elliott has been a leading personality in the world of entertainment for over fifty years and has had a long and diverse show business career which has seen him take on the roles of Actor, Director, Producer and Author. He became an Honorary Fellow in 2012 and was awarded an Honorary Master in the Arts at the 2015 AUB Graduation Ceremony.

From 2017, Peter Bell has agreed to sponsor an annual prize to be presented at Graduation for the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design course.

Peter, who has been associated with the Arts University Bournemouth Charitable Foundation through his work as part of the firm of Investment Bankers working with the Foundation, is sponsoring this prize in his personal capacity.

Nicole Dujardin – BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Nicole received the Peter Bell Prize in 2017. She said:

“I was delighted to learn I had received an award for my final year work, I had put so much effort into third year and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The award supported my CV and was an outstanding achievement I could talk about in interviews.

I am currently employed as a design and admin assistant for a high-end furniture company, IQ Furniture, in Amersham at the sky house design centre. I hope this will be the first stepping stone in my career to gain valuable experience to grow within the company and eventually branch out on my own in the interior design area.

My students is to do what you’re passionate about in your work, regardless if it checks the criteria for grades. Obviously, this is still important, but creatives are there to break rules and push boundaries so try it and if it fails you know how to improve it next time. For me personally, it’s crucial to enjoy my creativity.”

Terence O’Rourke is a member of the AUB Governing Body and is the Chair of the AUB Estates Committee. Terence is an architect and town planner and has been associated with the AUB for many years and wished to offer the prize to encourage students to travel and explore the many aspects of architecture nationally and internationally.

Frank Turland was the Head of Graphic Design in the then Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design in the 1970s. The Award was established in his memory and is presented by the Poole Maritime Trust.

Kieran James – BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Kieran received The Poole Maritime Trust Turland Award in 2016. He said:

“It was great to hear that I won the award. It was nice that my tutors had put me forward for it and that I got recognition for all the hard work I put in over the three years. My aspirations for the future are to stay in London for a bit and work my way up in a company and then potentially move to another big design city somewhere abroad for a few years.

My advice is don’t settle and trust your gut. I have been to like eight or nine studios and agencies over the last year and I have learnt lots about what I don’t like, and the sort of places I don’t want to work.”

This is administered by WestBeach, Bournemouth, and is open to all Level 6 Final Major Project groups of BA (Hons) Creative Events Management. It is awarded to the group of students who have shown extraordinary skills in the areas of Marketing, PR and press, event management, entrepreneurial practice, use of web-based promotion and social media, awareness of how the industry is changing and adapting.

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