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Students' Union

Led by students, for the students.

Students' Union

Led by the President, Vice President and the Executive Officer Team, the Students’ Union exists to make sure that all students have the best possible experience whilst studying with us. All of our students automatically become members of the Union when they enrol on their course.

As a Student’s Union at a creative university, AUBSU aims to provide platforms where students can showcase their talents and works within the university but also help you engage with the surrounding community.


The Students’ Union exists to make sure that you have the best possible experience whilst studying at AUB. AUBSU is made up of:

  • The President and Vice President – two Officers elected by you, the students, to listen and lead the Union.
  • A team of Executive Officers – students elected in the same way as the President and Vice President, to represent students and help guide the Union.
  • Course Reps are the link between the students, the University and AUBSU. They collect feedback from their peers and champion the student voice in regular termly meetings with their academic staff and AUBSU. There are on average two course reps per year, per course (depending on cohort size). They're only asked to attend six meetings in the academic year, three CPG (Course Partnership Group) meetings, and three AUBSU Town Hall meetings. In between, they do their usual work and have access to incredible training opportunities such as Mental Health First Aid, Physical First Aid and the general Course Rep training. They also have access to weekly drop-in sessions with the AUBSU Democracy and Representation Co-ordinator, where they can discuss any feedback they've received and work through where and how to pursue it.
  • A team of staff – indispensable staff members support the Officers and the Union, making sure it keeps running smoothly each year.
  • All AUB students! Yes, even you.

What AUBSU gets up to...

Clubs, Societies and Networks

University is the perfect time to meet like-minded people, start a new hobby or re-try something old.

AUBSU Clubs and Societies are groups run by students for students and there are plenty to choose from to get involved with. Whether you’re a cinephile, cheese lover, or want to try Tae Kwon Do, you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy. And if you can’t find a pre-made group that you love you can always start your own.

Networks are led by AUBSU Executive Officers who represent each group on the Executive Committee and are supported by Union staff.

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AUBSU's TheBUG network provides a dedicated platform for showcasing AUB student and alumni talent. It encapsulates everything the Students' Union does which works towards the representation of student talent.

TheBUG oversees opportunities for students to showcase their talent to both the outside world and the creative community in and around campus. At AUBSU, we have our very own student gallery space(s), operated by the students themselves! Throughout the year the space(s) are open for students to curate their own exhibitions and host events with the help of TheBUG and the AUBSU team.

Find out more about TheBUG

Benefits available to students

University Music offers a wide range of musical opportunities to students, staff and members of the local community and we cater to all levels of ability and musical interests. AUB students have the same access as BU students.

You can also use the sports facilities at Bournemouth University, just across the road. AUB students pay the same rates as BU students. There’s a gym, and plenty of classes to join – see it at SportBU. Please note that you can't join BU sports teams who compete in BUCS.

A brick university building with a road running alongside it. The road passes under a large rectangular archway with yellow panels on it. The words 'Student Services' appear on the archway.

Find AUBSU on campus

AUBSU is in the back corner of the campus, next to the Student Services building. If you’re looking at it from the bike sheds, they're on the left.

You can also get in touch with the Students' Union via email:

Visit the AUBSU website

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