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AUB Human

AUB Human connects designers, architects, filmmakers and other creative practitioners who share a desire to bring about positive change for global good.

AUB Human

AUB Human is a space where we celebrate social, ethical and sustainable creative practice.

At AUB, our students and staff are using their skills to engage and address some of the most pressing issues that are facing the human race today. Explore AUB Human to find out some of the ways in which the AUB community is working together to make the world a better place.

AUB Human Book

The AUB Human book is an anthology of selected projects. The book, a personal project and collaboration between Alice Stevens and Natalie Carr, was created during the COVID-19 pandemic whilst the campus was in lockdown. The anthology celebrates some of the AUB Human events, projects and symposia that were undertaken during the 2019-2020 academic year.

AUB Human Scan Me

Scan Me is a collection of social, ethical and sustainable creative practice. Some of our latest stories include how AUB has teamed up with Lush to champion accessibility and packaging sustainability and how our graphic design students have impressed Dyson in the SNTech creative challenge. Find these fascinating stories and more in Scan Me.

AUB Human newspaper

The AUB Human newspaper features AUB student and staff work from the Environmental Connection project with BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Interior Architecture and Design courses. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Activate Performing Arts, in relation to the Green Space Dark Skies project at Maiden Castle in June 2022.

AUB Human Supporters

AUB Human has a supportive network of external partners who are champions in their field. Beyond speaking at the symposia or running workshops, many have offered further support to our student community through mentoring, networking, collaboration and graduate employment.

AUB Human Alumni Stories

Glitch Surf Top by RubyMoon

Turning Used Fishing Nets into Swimwear: Founder of RubyMoon visits AUB

Since studying at Arts University Bournemouth, Jo Godden has gone on to have a lucrative career in fashion

A large hand handles a small suitcase next to a person examining a folder. Another person peers through a camera and holds an even smaller person up above their head.

AUB graduate challenges the stigma of mental health through photography

A surf champion, BBC journalist, musician, student and rugby player are among those featuring in Local Hero

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A series of plus signs on top of one another in different shades of grey.

AUB Human Symposia

AUB Human hosts an annual symposium which has welcomed a range of speakers from industry practitioners, AUB staff, students and alumni

Gallery walls with illustrations (a snake about to eat a large apple, an old man hugging the Grim Reaper).

AUB Human Events

We showcase some of the events we run on campus that address the global goals for sustainable development

Two people standing and posing for a photo. Person on the right is holding an award.

AUB Human Awards

AUB Human is pleased to showcase its achievements from across the university that demonstrate excellence in sustainable creative practice

Latest news and events