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AUB Human volunteer at the Pollution Pods

AUB Human

AUB Human Events

AUB Human connects designers, architects, filmmakers and other creative practitioners who share a desire to bring about positive change for global good.

AUB Human Events

AUB Human is delighted to showcase some of the events we run on campus that address the global goals for sustainable development and prompt us to consider how we can work together for a better future both personally and through our creative practices.

Events have included the annual AUB Human symposia, the Bestival Sustainability challenge, VFX Women in Industry as well as events run by the AUBSU Green Team such as tree planting and the spring beach clean.

Upcoming events

A woman with their hair covering half of their face. A broken circle is in front of them with a small icon of planet Earth and the text "Wild Women a Writing the Earth Symposium".

Wild Women

Wild Women is a celebration of creative-critical practitioners involved in raising awareness about environmental issues. Exploring the...

Past events

Five people stand in a triangle formation wearing different costumes. Four of them are wearing headdresses shaped like different rocks.

AUB Human presents: The Climate Crisis and Creative Practice

The arts can play a critical role in addressing the climate crisis. They can raise public awareness about...

Crowds of people line up in front of red lanterns in a field

Interior Architecture and Graphic Design students work with Activate Dorset for Green Space Dark Skies

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture Design and BA (Hons) Graphic Design students have worked together for the Green Space Dark Skies project.

People cross a bridge set up around trees at night. A large glowing planet is visible in the centre.

AUB students exhibit alongside Luke Jerram’s Gaia at Moors Valley Country Park

AUB Graphic Design and Interior Architecture Design students have exhibited their Future Forest installation at Moors Valley Country Park

Illustration of several tanks approaching a forest. A shadow follows the tanks with dollar signs in it.

AUB Human proudly supports: Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is an annual global event that aims to raise awareness of climate change, global warming and the ecological crisis...

Black banner with text "AUB Human Careers Day".

AUB Creative Futures Fest: AUB Human Careers Day

Explore how to build a career within a range of socially, ethically or sustainably driven companies at AUB's Creative Futures Fest

A pair of double doors with a wood and glass display cabinet either side. There is a sign above the door with the name "MoDiP" on it.

New Narratives in Plastics and Being Me: Plastics and the body

Two exhibitions taking part inside AUB Museum of Design in Plastic as part of AUB Human New Narratives

A pile of sanitary hygiene packs stacked.

AUB Costume staff and students are helping to end period poverty

Costume and Performance Design staff and students at AUB have manufactured and sent hundreds of sanitary hygiene packs to The Gambia

Yellow banner with several vertical white and black lines. Text at the far left: 'AUB Human Lockdown Takeover'.

AUB Human Lockdown Takeover

Second year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students are taking over the Instagram account for the AUB Human Lockdown Takeover

Man standing with a child next to them looking up. Both are holding chickens.

AUB Human Presents: Sustainable Futures

AUB Human is also delighted to present Sustainable Futures from 24 February 2020 – 1 April 2020 in South House to accompany the 2020 events.

A series of domes set up in a field with a few people standing outside them.

AUB brings UN Summit Pollution Pods to Dorset

New York’s UN Climate Action Summit, artist Michael Pinsky’s ground-breaking Pollution Pods will now be seen on Brownsea Island in Dorset.

Two illustrations on a wall in a gallery space; one shows a snake about to eat a large apple, the other shows an old man hugging the Grim Reaper.

AUB Human presents an exhibition of: Weapons of Reason

AUB Human presents an Exhibition of: Weapons of Reason

Brightly coloured banner with cut-outs of plants, animals, bottles and the sun made of coloured paper. The words 'Summer Jam' appear towards the top.

BA (Hons) Illustration students take part in poster workshop day for the Greenpeace Summer Jam Festival in Boscombe

Creativity does not need big resources to benefit the maker, the environment and the community

Three copies of a document entitled Innovative Futures

Innovative Futures 2018

Innovative Futures brought together industry speakers and students from the AUB for a symposium of talks, workshops and more...

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Black banner with several rows of plus signs across it.


AUB Human connects artists and creative practitioners who share a desire to bring about positive change for global good

A series of plus signs on top of one another in different shades of grey.

AUB Human Symposia

AUB Human hosts an annual symposium which has welcomed a range of speakers from industry practitioners, AUB staff, students and alumni

Two people standing and posing for a photo. Person on the right is holding an award.

AUB Human Awards

AUB Human is pleased to showcase its achievements from across the university that demonstrate excellence in sustainable creative practice