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Higher Education Achievement Report

Higher Education Achievement Report

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic record of student achievement.

It is made available to you on completion of your course and essentially, it is a verified record of your achievement throughout your studies on your HE course.

You are able to make the report available to potential employers and future academic institutions to support employability and further study.

The HEAR provides a transcript of marks; this includes your final award and a list of every mark you have been awarded during your course. Each individual unit grade is given and if the unit has more than one component, each component mark will be provided.

It includes contextual information about your study, explaining the level of qualification and how this fits with national standards. It also provides institutional information about the specific course.

The document indicates European credits and is recognised across the European Higher Education Community.

It is possible for students and employers to print copies of the HEAR; however, only copies which are viewed online via the system provider Gradintel should be regarded as verified by the University.

What does the HEAR mean for students?

  • All AUB graduates on taught graduate courses will receive a HEAR.
  • The HEAR holds details of your academic achievements and other activities completed during your time at AUB.
  • There is the potential to record additional achievements in section 6.1 of the HEAR. These could include course representation; the citizenship award and any prizes or awards achieved while at AUB.
  • You can share your HEAR with employers and academic institutions by providing them with electronic access. They can then verify your qualifications quickly and easily.
  • We are delivering the HEAR with Gradintel. This means that you can continue to access your HEAR after graduation to update your personal profile and share your details with employers.

What does the HEAR mean for employers?

  • All AUB students graduating after April 2016 will have an online achievement record, called the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).
  • This national scheme is already used by many other universities across the UK.
  • Students will share their HEAR with employers and third parties through a token system, enabling the third party to verify their qualifications and other extra-curricular achievements quickly and easily.
  • Once a student has granted you access to their HEAR, you can print off a copy. But please bear in mind that AUB will only verify the online version.

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