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Two paintings of the face of a cartoon woman. Left-hand image shows them with a sad expression. Right-hand image shows them with a shocked expression.

Sequential Risograph


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Date: 7 March - 20 April 2022
Time: 10.00-16.00 Tuesday – Thursday (09.30-14.00 Saturday)
Live Project Space, AUB

A collaborative project and exhibition with BA (Hons) Illustration at AUB, and Pen Gallery, Poole. Supported by TheGallery, AUB.

Exhibition Overview

BA (Hons) Illustration is working in collaboration with Pen Gallery in exhibiting a selection of second-year BA (Hons) Illustration narrative artwork. Pen Gallery is an exciting new cultural force in the Bournemouth and Poole area.

In keeping with the DIY approach exemplified by the practices and crafts promoted by Pen Gallery, the work here is Risograph printed.

The students have produced a body of work that represents an enquiry into the possibilities of sequential image and narrative. Working with broad interpretive adaptations of original written material, the work is often experimental in nature while still adhering to the possibility of readable sequence.

Students are encouraged to imagine the work away from the usual context of illustration narrative i.e., exhibited, placed into a specific space.

The students’ work produced in this way requires an economy of colour and tone. By building images with such technical constraints, the intention is to free the illustrations.

In order to escape the expected or the everyday, constraints can free artistic practice to access overlooked creative possibilities.

What is a Risograph Printer?

The Risograph is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective printer. Each stencil (master) is made from thermal sensitive paper and unlike offset printing it only takes a single print for the screen to be fully inked and ready to print thousands of copies. The Risograph is extremely energy efficient and generates a minimal amount of waste.

Invented by Noboru Hayama, the first Risograph printer was released in Japan in 1986. Its function is often described as a mix between screen printing and photocopying, as it can only print one colour at a time. Combining both digital and analog printing methods, the Risograph receives your image digitally and then makes a stencil by burning tiny holes into a fibre-based master. This master is then wrapped around a colour drum that pushes the ink onto the paper, resulting in a print. This process happens one colour at a time (just like silk screen printing), so the more your design has, the more times your paper needs to go through the machine.

Meet the curators:

Dark blue background and a pink Pen gallery logo overlayed

Emma Rowland

Emma Rowland is the Director and head curator of Pen Gallery, Poole. Her passion lies in giving local artists the opportunity to connect...

Headshot for H Mummery

Harriet Mummery

Harriet Mummery is a Technician Demonstrator for BA (Hons) and MA Illustration courses, providing support and teaching a variety of...

Photo of Vincent Larkin standing in front of a painting of a white car

Vincent Larkin

Vincent Larkin is an artist, illustrator and academic. His practice is based around the idea of the uncomfortable narrative...

Support local. Create opportunities.

Pen Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and store with locals at the forefront. All profits go back into keeping our exhibition space free to the public. With every purchase and donation, you support local makers and creatives whilst creating opportunities and keeping our doors open to supply incredible exhibitions and events to our community.

BA (Hons) Illustration, AUB

BA (Hons) Illustration at AUB promotes a dynamic learning experience based upon critical discourse within a vibrant creative studio environment. Individual development is supported and nurtured through experimentation, exploration, innovation, and risk-taking.

TheGallery provides a national and international public platform for the arts within the sub-region as we promote the University’s shared passion for excellence in education, industry and the sector.

TheGallery works with courses right across the university on a variety of exhibitions, events and projects. Sequential Risograph is another example of one of these projects that we have worked on with the curators and students. When working on a collaborative project we provide advice and support for the curatorial and technical aspects of the exhibition, as well as advice on event and project management.

TheGallery is open to the public from Tuesday – Thursday from 10.00-16.00 and Saturdays from 09.30-14.00. When visiting please follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Arts University Bournemouth Easter Closure runs from 14 – 18 April inclusive and all gallery spaces will be closed.

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