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Dates and times: 12 July 2024 – 3 January 2025, 08.30–21.00 (weekdays); 09.00–16.00 (weekends)

Location: Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), AUB Campus

At the current time, the fashion and textiles industry faces many sustainability challenges. These may be related to production processes, waste generated by fast fashion, resources needed for growing and producing natural fibres, as well as the shedding of microfibres (both natural and synthetic), and the energy and chemicals used in the extraction of feedstocks and processing of fabrics.

Synthetic fibres, such as polyester and nylon, are some of the most widely used materials in the fashion and textiles industry today. They provide specialist characteristics that other materials cannot replicate, especially when it comes to sports specific and outdoor clothing. They do, however, add to the negative environmental impact of the sector.

This exhibition investigates some of the innovations in the fashion and textiles industry to mitigate the environmental impact of synthetic fibres. It features objects that are made of bio-based alternatives to fossil fuel reliant materials, it looks at the use of recycled rather than virgin fibres, and the avoidance of materials that exploit animals to create fashion items.

Visit to the MoDiP website for more information about this exhibition.

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