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A colourful plastic stapler with a see-through body, showing the inner mechanisms.

Seen and Unseen

12 January – 5 July 2024


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  • AUB Campus


Opening times: 08.30–21.00 (weekdays); 09.00–16.00 (weekends)

Location: Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), AUB Campus

Plastics are ubiquitous materials; we're surrounded by them in many aspects of our lives. Because of this, we often overlook them, take them for granted, and don't always recognise their cultural and physical value. However, many plastics objects carry out their jobs in a quiet, understated, unseen way; for example, protective helmets, road signs, and car bumpers. If they do their jobs well, they often function without consideration, even when they're in plain sight.

There are many unseen applications where plastics are used because of their specialist properties. These applications include leakproof water and gas pipes, and electrically insulating cable covers hidden in the floors, walls, and streets all around us.

This exhibition considers objects that are literally out of sight, alongside objects where the materials used may simply be unnoticed.

Refer to the MoDiP website for more information on this exhibition.

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