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A car smashed up in the middle of a road. Three fire fighters stand by the wreckage.

When Lives Collide 2023

Photos by Paul Wenham-Clarke
4-22 January 2023 | 11.00-18.00 every day


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Location: Gallery@OXO, OXO Tower, South Bank, London

About this event

The exhibition marks the 30th anniversary of Roadpeace, a campaigning charity that supports the victims of road incidents but also pushes for improved standards and a better understanding of the issue.

Back in 2003, Paul Wenham-Clarke, course leader for MA Photography at AUB, made a major photographic project exploring the subject, called When Lives Collide, which was widely covered in the media. The original work created quite a stir, as the images included re-enactments of real-life road incidents as described by those involved.

The new work, When Lives Collide 2023, is in its own way equally challenging, as Paul has made a series of emotional portraits in which road crash survivors and/or bereaved family members tell their stories whilst under the eye of the lens. Capturing raw emotions in high resolution and under studio lighting, the images serve as a window into the souls of these poor people who've experienced, for real, everyone’s worst nightmare.

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About the photographer

Headshot for Prof. P Wenham-Clarke
Professor Paul Wenham-Clarke Postgraduate Course Leader – MA Photography


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