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AUB Human presents Designing Tomorrow: Time to Adapt

Wednesday 10 April 2024 and Thursday 11 April 2024 | 10.00–13.00


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Wednesday 10 April – SH001 Lecture Theatre, South House, AUB Campus

Thursday 11 April – A025 Lecture Theatre, North Building, AUB Campus

We're delighted to present the tenth AUB Human symposium, Designing Tomorrow: Time to Adapt. The event explores the transformative power of critical design practice and how we might tackle urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis and social injustices. Please join us in envisioning a more positive future and exploring how creativity can drive meaningful change.

This symposium presents an opportunity to hear from an AUB alumni and staff from a range of disciplines, as they showcase their approaches to tackling the climate crisis through creative practice.

Symposium schedule – Day 1

Climate and futures storyteller, presenter and music artist Timo Peach presents a unique take on why we are where we are right now – and what we might even do about it.

Timo Peach is a climate and futures storyteller, presenter and music artist bringing a unique playful energy to facing the era of transition. Drawing on a lifetime of work as a designer, writer, performer and art thinker, he's a creative critical friend to help leaders, organisations and audiences get much more effectively excited about crisis and change.

Informed by a personal idea of art’s place in realising more positive futures, and a particular understanding of sustainability’s challenges, he's the creative director of Momo:zo, the voice of Unsee The Future and the bloke from Momo:tempo. A member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, he's also sustainability champion on the board of Arts by the Sea Festival and author of the forthcoming book UTF: How to think like an artist and change the world.

Marten and Natalie will be presenting projects that operate at the intersection of climate adaptation, urban interventions and community wellness.

Marten Simms is a designer, consultant, facilitator and educator who helps change-makers achieve social impact, sustainability and environmental goals. He has worked on three continents as a designer of graphics, objects and community engagement processes.

Natalie Carr is a designer and technician demonstrator at AUB. Her practice includes the design and implementation of the Toy Libraries seen along the BCP seafront.

Rosanna Vitiello is the founder of The Place Bureau, a research, strategy and design studio focused on finding new frontiers for places around the world. She brings unparalleled experience in envisioning and communicating the future of destinations, districts and cultural attractions — from Iceland’s national parks to Italy’s cultural organisations or America’s greenways. Rosanna works across all levels from government across to community to develop collective visions with a place futures focus. Her recent clients have included The Crown Estate, National Museums Liverpool, and City Councils in Bristol and Parma.

Symposium schedule – Day 2

Chris Courage, a PhD student at AUB, brings a blend of computational arts and environmental insight to the symposium. His journey from graphic design to a Master’s degree at Goldsmiths provokes a fusion of practice, critical thinking, and theory. Passionate about surfing, Chris’s connection with nature powers his innovative approach to materialising environmental data into art. Prepare to be inspired by how personal passion, technology, and art can generate new understandings of complex environmental issues and inspire action can make better informed choices.

In her talk, Design for Vulnerable Populations, Jazzy Olive will be demonstrating human-centred design for invisible disabilities and user-centric AI for domestic abuse care.

Jazzy Olive is a designer researcher and educator. Passionate about visual communication social change and user-centred design. She's an MRes Healthcare and Design graduate from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, where she founded Edna: an all-in-one hub for domestic abuse care and an ongoing research project utilising AI and user-centred models.

It’s not an exaggeration to say you will always find a ‘thing’ (for example, strategy, manifesto, framework) declaring to reduce health(care) inequalities in public services. But have you ever wondered how these ‘things’ work in real-world settings? What does it mean to reduce inequalities and inequities?

Soh-Yon Park is a design researcher, focusing on equity-based design and research in healthcare. She's currently a senior design researcher in the user-centred design team at the UK Health Security Agency.

For more information on this event, please contact Alice Stevens via email.

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