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AUB Human presents: REGENERATIVE


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Please join us for the AUB Human symposium and workshops - Register for the event via the form below

We find ourselves in the midst of an ecological crisis. We experience the effects of climate change on a daily basis; warmer temperatures, changing weather patterns, poor air quality, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and water not fit for drinking. Are we at a tipping point?

It is very clear that current approaches to sustainability are just not enough to save the planet from irreversible harm. We urgently need a paradigm shift to disrupt our ways of thinking and working if we are to help repair our world from the damage brought about by human development.

This symposium will explore the principles of regenerative thinking and regenerative design that can help to heal our world. The event will challenge us to reflect on our values and the ways in which we act as creatives, architects, artists and designers. We will be hearing from practitioners who take a holistic and regenerative approach. We will consider how we can design and create for mutual benefit using ecological processes and multi-species thinking, and how we can learn from nature to design with living systems.

— Alice Stevens, Convenor

Day 1 Schedule

Tuesday 26 April

Location: Zoom Webinar

Time Event Hosted by



AUB Human


From universal to pluriversal, how design can enable regenerative futures

Josie Warden


From sustainable to regenerative

Michael Pawlyn


The narratives of Regeneration: evolving minds through storytelling

James Atherton


The UbuntuSphere ARTivist Experience

Dr Dianne Regisford


Designing and Living with Organisms

Dr Svenja Keune


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AUB Human

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Day 2 Schedule

Tuesday 27 April

Location: SH001 Lecture Theatre, South House, AUB campus

Time Event Hosted by



AUB Human


Nature Inspiration in Design

Franziska Conrad


Multiple interpretations of rural stewardship: a case study of low-impact

Dr Kirsten Tatum


Dust Against the Anthropocene: Pazugoo and Nuclear Geo-fiction

Dr Andy Weir


No projects on a dead planet

Edward Ward


BCP Climate Action projects: Presentations and panel discussion 30

Chair: Dr Anna Farthing


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AUB Human


Drinks & Networking

South House reception

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