Country Ambassadors

We have a group of student Country Ambassadors who work together on International events and ensure students from their country feel at home when studying at AUB.

You can ask them any questions about what it’s like to study at AUB and live in Bournemouth using the email addresses below. They are always happy to hear from prospective students.

If your country isn’t represented here, you will still be supported throughout your time here.

If you do want to hear from a student from the country you live in, you can contact the International Office and we will do our best to find someone for you to chat to. You can always chat to us too!

Supporting staff

Zoe (Wing Tung) Law - Country Ambassador for China

I’m Zoe (Wing Tung Law), the Country Ambassador for China, I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

I am currently studying a BA (Hons) Fine Art course and am in my first Year.

I love that AUB provides a lot of opportunities for students to collaborate with the other majors. You can make friends with different nationalities. Also, so many Galleries on and off campus are offered to all students to exhibit their work, which is so amazing.

Relaxing, creative and inspiring are all words I would use to describe Bournemouth, which is definitely the best place in the UK. There are so many art events in the town every month, such as Inside Art in Southbourne and Art by the Sea around Bournemouth town. Many more events are coming so if you look out for them, you might found something interesting.

If you need any help, or have any questions about AUB, Bournemouth, or the UK, don’t be shy and please do email me.

You can also check the China at AUB Facebook page for more information.

I am also available on Weibo and WeChat


Adalheidur Jonsdottir - Country Ambassador for Iceland

Hello my name is Adalheidur Agusta Jonsdottir and I am the Country Ambassador for Iceland. My first language is Icelandic but I am also fluent in English.

I am currently a second year BA (Hons) Fashion student. Moving from Iceland to Bournemouth to study has been a great experience. The facilities at AUB are incredible and the course is up to date and we get access to all the machinery we need. AUB is a pool full of creative people which gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other students. If you have an idea that you want to proceed with, you have all the talent and equipment you need.

Bournemouth is welcoming and easy to adjust to. I would have to say the best thing about living here is the beach, there is nothing better than riding your bike by the beach in nice weather.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch please e-mail me.

You can also check out Iceland at AUB Facebook page, to learn more.


Kinnari Saraiya - Country Ambassador for India

Hi, my name is Kinnari Saraiya and I am the Country Ambassador for India. I can speak fluent Hindi, Gujarati and English.

I am a first year BA (Hons) Fine Art student and I’m already loving the course, the opportunities, the friendly staff and the provided facilities. The campus is beautiful and very modern.

AUB has lots of opportunities for collaborations between all courses, make friends from all around the world and learn about other cultures through events held on campus.

Bournemouth is an amazing town to live in, it is very inspiring and relaxing, with quiet walks along Bournemouth Beach which always gets the creative ideas flowing. Lots of great clubs to be looking out for, and events like Arts by the Sea.

If you have any questions about the campus, the courses, Bournemouth, or the UK, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

You can also check the India at AUB Facebook page for more information and updates on events on campus.


Haruka Ogawa - Country Ambassador for Japan

Hello my name is Haruka and I am the Country Ambassador for Japan. My mother tongue is Japanese and I can also speak English.

I am currently studying MA Graphic Design, in Japan I used to study Fine Art but I decided to try another field. Although I like art I realized that I didn’t have the passion to be an artist, moreover I couldn’t find a job which can utilize the skills that I have learned.  I enjoy creating designs for people more than working on own projects. The percentage of students getting a job with an AUB degree is high.

I enjoy living in Bournemouth and study at AUB. Bournemouth is a quite peaceful town, you will love this atmosphere. Although I had lived Tokyo where is super busy city, I wanted to live in the countryside, especially the sea is wonderful!!

If you would like to meet other Japanese students, or have any questions about AUB or Bournemouth, please don’t hesitate and send an e-mail me. I could help you!

You can also check out Japan at AUB Facebook page, to learn more.


Aleksandra Fjerdingstad - Country Ambassador for Norway

Hello! My name is Aleksandra and I’m the Country Ambassador for Norway. My first language is Norwegian and I speak fluent English.

I am currently finishing my third year on the course Graphic Design BA (Hons). I really enjoy all the facilities the university has to offer from the various studio spaces, the library (a great resource) and the cafés. My course and my course tutors have been greatly supportive and helped guide me through the past three years.

I moved from Norway to come live in England and so far have thoroughly liked Bournemouth. I tend to spend my weekend going to the town centre to watch a movie at the Odeon and the beach is also a sight to see.

I chose to study in a foreign country because I wanted a change of scenery and a challenge therefore I am aware that moving and getting used to university life can be daunting. I am more than happy to help therefore don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can also check out Norway at AUB Facebook page, to learn more.


Valerija Kiselova - Country Ambassador for Russia

Hello, my name is Valerija and I am the Country Ambassador for Russia. I was born in Latvia but have lived in Moscow for a while. My first language is Russian, but I also speak Latvian and English.

I am currently a second year BA (Hons) Creative Events Management student at AUB. I really like to organise and manage different types of events and festivals. We have a lot of practise on the course and even six weeks of work placement. In the future I would like to run my own events company.

I enjoy living here in Bournemouth as we have one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  It is really nice that you can easily go for a walk or have training near the sea to relax after your lectures and study.

I am more than happy to help with different types of questions starting from how to apply for the course and finishing with how to find a place to live in Bournemouth. I am here to support you in your own language. I also organise meetings with Russian students from AUB as we know how important it is to keep in touch with someone who thinks in the same language as you do.

You can also check out Russia at AUB Facebook page, to learn more.


Jiyoung Park - Country Ambassador for South Korea

Hello, my name is Ji and I am the Country Ambassador for South Korea. My first language is Korean, I can also speak English and am I happy to correspond in both.

I am a second year BA Film Production student. After completing the Diploma in Art & Design – Foundation Studies course, I fell in love with AUB and Bournemouth. So I decided to stay and study more about film.

One of the things I like about AUB is that there are always good chances to work with other courses. The university itself almost feels like a big production company. Since I am on a Film course, I have done several projects with other courses, such as Acting, Makeup, Costume and Performance Design etc. Also, AUB is very keen on providing students practical and professional experiences. We have three studios; two on campus and one off campus. We get to design and make our own designs into actual sets. I have seen a cottage, hotel, battlefield, family house and even a Spaceship. It is beyond imagination what it is going to be next. It is absolutely extraordinary to witness the process.

I am from Busan which is famous for its beach in South Korea. When I was looking for the universities in the UK, I was worried about being away from the sea. So I felt so lucky when I found where I was going to study was by the seaside. If you live in the town centre, it will take only 15 minutes to get down to the beach by walking. When projects stress me, the beach blows away my stress with its fresh wind. British weather is famous for being gloomy and rainy but Bournemouth gives you a privilege to have a nice weather more often than other places in the UK. For summer, the town attracts a lot of tourists for their holidays. Spending your years here would be like having holidays all the time.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you get to know about AUB and its courses.

You can also check out South Korea at AUB Facebook page, to learn more.


Pei-Jung Chiu - Country Ambassador for Thailand and Taiwan

Hello! My name is Pei and I am Country Ambassador for Taiwan & Thailand. I can speak Mandarin and English as well.

I am currently studying MA Animation, I am really enjoy my course because I can learn everything I want! The learning environment and tutors are friendly and helpful, I am happy to be part of the AUB community.

I like to walk along the beach and park. You will find Bournemouth is such a relaxing and energetic place!

If you have any questions about AUB, Bournemouth or the courses we offer, please don’t hesitate to email me! I will do my best to help you.

You can also check Taiwan and Thailand at AUB Facebook page for more information.


Caitlyn Keaney - Country Ambassador for USA

Hello! My name is Caitlyn and I’m the Country Ambassador for the USA.

I am a first year BA (Hons) Costume and performance design student.

We have jumped right into our course and it is amazing. The tutors are highly experienced and the collaborative and creative atmosphere is awesome. Bournemouth itself is a beautiful town and I am loving living here, even though I’m far away from my California sunshine.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the university, living here, even random questions about being a student in the UK.  Don’t be a stranger!

You can also check out USA at AUB Facebook page, to learn more.