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How to apply

Found a course that you'd like to apply for?

Portfolio Guidelines

For the majority of our courses, we'll invite you to attend an interview and ask you to bring a portfolio with you as part of the application process.

Portfolios should show examples of your work – both finished and work in progress – that demonstrate your interests and skills.

We've created specific portfolio guidelines for each of our courses. You can take a look at these below.

Here's our top tips on how to prepare your portfolio:

Send us your digital portfolio

Since lockdown in the UK, we've moved to a more inclusive online application process where there is no need to attend an interview. We will assess your application from the form you compete and your portfolio sent to us digitally.

We’ll send you instructions on how to submit your portfolio via MyApplication (you don’t need to send us your portfolio until you hear from us). Please make sure that any links that you send aren’t password protected, or we won't be able to view them.

Flickr and Behance are good to use for digital portfolios as they offer a smooth viewing experience, allow space for background notes and make sending the portfolio as easy as pasting a link into an email.

You can also build your own website to present your work. This demonstrates your web design skills and gives you complete control over presentation and style.

Dropbox and WeTransfer are other useful services for sending large files over the internet, but pay attention to presentation and viewer experience. A Behance portfolio will be more impressive than a folder of standalone image files.

If you’d prefer to attach your portfolio to an email, be sure to keep the file size under 9MB, or the email won’t come through.

YouTube and Vimeo are great for Animation or Film portfolios but you should avoid these platforms for stills-based work because they don’t allow the viewer to control the amount of time that they spend looking at each piece of work.

Remember:As you’re not going to be attending an interview in person, you won’t be able to explain the ideas behind your work. It’s therefore important that you provide background notes on each piece of work about your processes and conceptual thinking.

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