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Study in the UK

Spend time learning in the UK with our students for one or more terms with our Study Abroad courses.

Preparation For Masters

Students and professionals who need to develop their creative understanding of their chosen subject or increase their English language scores before being accepted onto a Master's course can join the Preparation programme designed to help students secure entry onto a Master's course.

The MA pathway leader will determine student suitability for Master's level before students are offered a place on the Preparation programme. Students will then be offered an individual programme of learning, usually over two terms and written to prepare them for their future Master's application.

Course Information

Students will join undergraduate students on selected modules to refine individual capabilities and receive mentoring from tutors, who will provide ongoing support and guidance to help students improve sufficiently for Master's.

Students will be required to pass all elements of the Preparation programme before being accepted onto the Master's level course.

The preparation for Masters programme will help students:

  • Improve their creative skills and portfolio to meet the level required for postgraduate study in a subject that is different from their undergraduate degree.
  • Fully understand the study skills required at Masters level if students do not have the required academic experience.
  • Improve their knowledge about British culture and the arts to appreciate the range of cultural influences.
  • Introduce students to creative arts education at university in the UK.
  • Gain confidence as a creative arts student within a specialist field.
  • Know what it is like living and studying in the UK.
  • Improve academic English level.

Course Details

Mode of Study

Full time

2 Terms

Term Duration

2 Terms

September - March

2 Terms

January - May

Contact Study Abroad on +44 1202 363824 or Skype: aub-studyabroad.

English Requirement

Students with language scores of IELTS 5.5 to 6.5 or equivalent, will be supported by English language study during their course to improve academic listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Students with language scores below IELTS 5.5 or equivalent will be offered an additional English programme, before the Preparation programme. Extra English language support courses will incur an additional fee, depending on the duration of study.

In order to progress onto a Masters level course, all students will need to demonstrate language levels of minimum IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. Students should also have an undergraduate award in a related subject. Please refer to our full list of Master's courses for details of what’s on offer.

Entry Requirements

  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • BA (Hons) Degree
  • All students are asked to submit examples of creative work with their application in order for tutors to assess current ability and assess future potential.
  • A personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation

On successful completion, students are awarded a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ and a ‘Transcript of Marks’.

On successful completion of the Preparation programme and minimum English levels of IELTS 6.5, or equivalent, direct entry onto the designated MA Pathway will be offered.

To apply, students can contact the Study Abroad Office on +44 1202 363824 or email

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Study Abroad courses are for students and professionals who wish to spend time learning in the UK with our students for one or more terms
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