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image reads Synthetica A Toxic Enchantment

Synthetica: A Toxic Enchantment

Curated by Karen Wimhurst as a result of an artistic residency at the Museum of Design in Plastics


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Friday 12 February, 19:00 (Q&A session at 20:00)
Tickets are free but with a recommended donation of £5.

Vinyl crackles, a locked groove, plastic waves breaking upon the shore of a new continent ‘Synthetica’, rising from a sea of glass. It’s the dawn of the twentieth century and a new eco-material is appearing, promising a glorious democracy worldwide. During the 1930’s the scintillation of cellophane crystallises a modern era of Freudian advertising. By the end of the century, the horror of the Pacific Garbage Patch is the new continent manifested in our oceans.

Synthetica is a contemporary chamber opera by composer Karen Wimhurst, featuring soprano Brittany Soriano, Elaine Close on trumpet and vinyl DJ Ole Rudd.

Plastics: so much made possible within the heartbeat of environmental catastrophe.

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