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Wake up to AUB – day one

Town takeover | 16 February 2023


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  • Wake up to AUB


Wake Up to AUB, a Bournemouth Town Centre Takeover.

Join AUB for the first in our four-day programme of events.

Four days of creativity – plays, VFX and prosthetic demos, exhibitions, live music and comedy, film screenings, love letters and much more.

Please note that Museum Late: The Art of a Love Letter and Road are ticketed events.

Selfie walls

Put yourself in the picture and experience some mind-blowing creativity. The Selfie Walls by Creative Forager are found at the Arts Market.

Museum Late: The Art of a Love Letter

Falling in love again: step back in time to capture the story of Annie and Merton's lifelong love story.

AUB Productions presents: Road

Road explores the lives of people in a deprived, working-class area of Lancashire during the government of Margaret Thatcher.

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