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Centralised bench surrounded by pots of plants with a written 'Gran Bretagna' sign above a door

2021 Venice Architecture Biennale – Fellowships Programme

Hosted by British Council
Photos by Cristiano Corte © British Council
Online event | British Council | Venice Architecture Biennale


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How will we live together? A digital journey…

Join the British Council and AUB, online for the conclusion of the annual Venice Architecture Biennale Fellowships Programme. The event will run on Zoom from 17.00-18.30 and you can hear from the British Council, the Curators of The Garden of Privatised Delights and the Fellows with their response to the exhibition.

(Please note that not all groups and fellows are able to showcase their work on this occasion due to the timeline and other commitments).

On 25 November, please join the group via the Zoom link above and use the following meeting ID: 851 0137 0421 and password: m2@#7V.


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Hello and Introductions

Juliana Peppl, British Council Fellowships Programme Manager and Richard Waring, Arts University Bournemouth Course Leader BA (Hons) Fine Art


The British Council Venice Biennale Programme and the 2021 Fellowships Programme

Sevra Davis, British Council Director Architecture, Design and Fashion


Video Presentation

British Pavilion 2021: Inside the Garden of Delights


Q&A with the Curators

Madeleine Kessler and Manijeh Verghese, founding Directors at Unscene Architecture


Artistic performance

Richard Waring, How we will live together trumpet and equilibrist act


Fellows projects presentation: Virtual Mediators, Water Dwellers and The Marginalised

Facilitated by AUB academics: Richard Wearing and Lise Raue

Groups division and research topics:

  • The marginalised: Claire, Adam, Beatrix, Bethan, Kehinde, Peter, Tanatswa – considering the memories and experiences of migrants and other marginalised communities.
  • Water dwellers: Karina, Bonsu, Indigo, Karolina, Lara, Leonard – looking at how different societies adapt to live on or near water, and the impact of climate change and gentrification.
  • Virtual mediators: Beatriz, Eloise, Esme, Jaq, Rebecca – exploring how we react to a place we can’t visit in person, articulating how the online experience is constructed with reference to the ‘real’ thing.
  • Architects and artists: Amy, Freya, Harriet, Mi Park, Sanni, Sara, Zoë – asking how risky can creative makers and designers be, and how can they offer solutions and alternatives to what the market dictates.

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