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Black banner with converging abstract purple pattern across it, and white text reading "New! Manifestos for a Positive Future".

New! Manifestos for a Positive Future 2024

Curated by Mark Pavey, with support from Jazzy Olive and Fred Wiltshire
A BA (Hons) Visual Communication exhibition in collaboration with TheGallery, AUB


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Dates: 15 January – 17 May 2024

Location: South House (Ground Floor), AUB Campus

“Manifestos challenge the status quo; they help to define who you are as a designer and develop a different mindset.”

New! Manifestos for a Positive Future is an exhibition of letterforms designed by BA (Hons) Visual Communication students. Curated by Mark Pavey, with support from Jazzy Olive and type designer Fred Wiltshire, the students each worked to create experimental letterforms that have then been set in a Manifesto for 2024 – declaring their motivations, intentions and visions for a more positive future. The manifesto is a pangram, using every letter from the alphabet and is designed to be exhibited ready for January's Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year.

This exhibition explores the core skills, techniques and outlooks acquired on AUB’s BA (Hons) Visual Communication course. After being introduced in their first year to the concepts and fundamentals of visual communication, second-year students use the exhibition to develop their design process through a broad range of methods, practices and contexts associated with the subject.

New! Manifestos for a Positive Future reinforces the belief that through design, we can provoke change.

Meet the curators

Headshot for M Pavey

Mark Pavey

Mark Pavey is a process-obsessed visual communicator; a maker of images, prints and digital tools...

J Olive headshot

Jazzy Olive

Jazzy Olive is a designer, researcher and educator passionate about visual...

Headshot for F Wiltshire

Fred Wiltshire

Fred Wiltshire is a British/French freelance type designer based in London.

TheGallery works with courses right across the university on a variety of exhibitions, events and projects. New! Manifestos for a Positive Future 2024 is another example of a collaborative project – this time with the BA (Hons) Visual Communication course.

TheGallery provides advice and support for the curatorial and technical aspects of the exhibition, as well as advice on event and project management as well as providing a national and international public platform for the arts within the sub-region as we promote the University’s shared passion for excellence in education, industry and the sector.

BA (Hons) Visual Communication at AUB

Visual Communication is a broad discipline, encompassing graphic design, image generation, typography and screen-based design and combines skills in illustration and digital design to create images that persuade or inform. The course focuses on hand-drawn imagery to develop a feel for the shapes and styles that connect with audiences.

Communication underlines the importance of good ideas, with graduates working as freelancers in small design companies and with larger firms, both locally and internationally.

Find out more about BA (Hons) Visual Communication at AUB.

Previous exhibitions

New! Manifestos for a Positive Future 2023

Curated by Hannah Byles and Mark Pavey

A BA (Hons) Visual Communication exhibition in collaboration with TheGallery, AUB

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