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Two people sit in a conservatory with the doors open working on masks and prosthetics.

Gabriel Bush: Lockdown Artists and Artists Returned

Curated by Violet M. McClean
An AUB Art Collection exhibition by TheGallery, in partnership with AUB Alumni Office


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Exhibition Dates: 17 March – 21 April 2023

Location: Northwest Gallery, AUB

An exhibition of work by Gabriel Bush, 2021 AUB alumnus from the BA (Hons) Commercial Photography course, who's showcasing two bodies of work entitled Lockdown Artists and Artists Returned.

This body of work is a representation of the resilience and creativity of our AUB students, especially during a time when most students had their access to materials, equipment and the usual level of academic support stripped away. For many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas became the designated centre space for creating new art.

Gabriel wanted to capture the spirit of AUB artists through photographic imagery and show that, while times were tough, AUB students showed perseverance through the challenges presented to them, and when restrictions were lifted, the University was brought to life again through the passion exhibited by the students for their creative practices.

This artwork also forms part of AUB’s ever-growing Art Collection. The collection reflects a multi-faceted approach to collecting, incorporating legacies from lecturers and associated artists, alumni, and the acquisition of award-winning student work.

Lockdown Artists

Lockdown Artists focuses on AUB students showing their resilience, drive, and determination to continue creating while in lockdown.

The series displays creatives who adapted their practices to the home while access to university facilities and equipment was restricted during the third national lockdown. Bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms in student accommodations were transformed into makeshift art studios by creatives at AUB for several months during the pandemic. Bush’s series captures the surreal time that truly put each of us, as creatives, to the test, and motivated us to demonstrate that even in times of crisis, art still prevails!

Read on for the whole story about this project.

Artists Returned

One year on from the nationwide lockdown and thanks to the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, AUB students are back on campus creating innovative, eye-catching artistic works.

This series displays young creatives from across the University having returned to campus, once again using the industry-standard facilities that AUB has at its disposal. After a year away from campus, students across the University are both relieved and excited to be back, and this series highlights this sentiment. Stamping a mark in the institution’s history and displaying that AUB students have overcome the difficult hurdle of lockdown and are now ready to begin creating groundbreaking work once again in the place where they flourish most.

Meet the artist

Headshot for G Bush

Gabriel Bush – BA (Hons) Commercial Photography

Gabriel Bush is a portrait and reportage photographer based in London and working globally. However, most importantly he's an AUB alumnus.

Meet the curator

Headshot for V McClean

Violet M. McClean

Violet M. McClean is TheGallery’s Curator at Arts University Bournemouth

TheGallery works with courses and departments right across the university on a variety of exhibitions, events and projects. Gabriel Bush: Lockdown Artists and Artists Returned is another example of a collaborative project, this time with AUB Alumni Office, Student Recruitment and Marketing.

TheGallery provides a national and international public platform for the arts within the sub-region, and we promote the University’s shared passion for excellence in education, industry, and the art sector.

The work of TheGallery is a testament of our AUB goals and values and is inclusive of all and the ideas of all.

AUB Alumni

Stay connected...

We're proud of our alumni, and rightfully so. Many of you have gone on to do incredible things.

Our alumni community is a continuation of our campus — a home and a network for all of our wonderful graduates. It’s a place to find out what everyone’s been up to and generally stay a part of our creative community, with some exclusive benefits to be had, too.

This community is open to students who graduated under any of our previous titles (The Arts University College at Bournemouth, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, and Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design) and, of course, our current one.

Read on for more information about our Alumni community.

AUB’s ever-growing Art Collection

AUB has a series of artworks and sculptures on display across campus, including the University Art Collection. TheGallery is also responsible for artworks on loan from public and private collections, such as Arts Council Collection, John and Barbara Weeks Collection, Bournemouth and Poole College Collection and works by Tim Harrison Studio.

AUB’s ever-growing Art Collection contains artwork that mirrors the variety of practices and passions of AUB staff and students from the late-1900s to the present day. The range of work reflects a multifaceted approach to collecting, incorporating legacies from lecturers and associated artists, alumni, and the acquisition of award-winning student work.

The Art Collection ranges from oil abstracts and drawings to black-and-white photographs, standalone sculptures to lithograph prints. The Arts Council Collection includes over 800 works from the likes of Professor Sir Peter Cook, Philip Townsend, Alan Kitching, Rob and Roberta Smith, Martyn Brewster, Lester Lee, Marcel Lamb and many more.

TheGallery currently has over 30 pieces on loan from the Arts Council Collection, and 10 pieces on loan from the John and Barbara Weeks Collection. Artworks are displayed across campus in University House, the North Building and The Library, with many pieces accessible for public viewing.

Further information can be found on TheGallery's page.

Gabriel Bush: Lockdown Artists and Artists Returned – formal opening

Join curator Violet M. McClean in conversation with artist and AUB alumnus, Gabriel Bush, followed by a formal opening and private view...

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