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Creative Futures Fest 2023

20 February–9 March 2023 | AUB Campus and Online


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This February and March, AUB's Creative Futures Fest returns to campus, bringing with it a range of industry speakers, employers and alumni to share useful information and helpful advice about a variety of career areas. Whether that's telling you what it's like to work in a specific industry, preparing you to apply for creative work, or sharing wisdom on working as a freelancer.

You can read more about each event and book your spaces below.

Creative Futures Fest

Presented by:
Rohan Gotobed

Location: A025, AUB campus

Actor, writer and director Rohan Gotobed provides advice on preparing for a portfolio career.

Presented by: Alys Scott Hawkins

Location: F006, AUB campus

Artist and animator Alys Scott Hawkins will share insights on how to fund your creative practice.

Presented by: Chloe Adams

Location: B001, AUB campus

Join art consultant Chloe Adams to learn how to approach spaces to exhibit your work.

Presented by: Jasmine Guioia and Olga Petrusewicz

Location: B001, AUB campus

Join alumni Jasmine Guioua and Olga Petrusewicz to find out how they paved out careers in the fashion industry.

Presented by: Vicky Patouli

Location: A025, AUB campus

Find out more about what creative agencies are looking for in your portfolio with Itsme talent scout manager Vicky Patouli.

Presented by: Hannah Ray and Chris Inns

Location: SH001, AUB campus

Publishing director Hannah Ray and art and design director Chris Inns from Pan Macmillan UK will be discussing how to get into the publishing industry and what to expect.

Presented by: Courtenay McLune-Calvin and Jolie Hockings

Location: SH001, AUB campus

Programmes and partnership co-ordinator Courteney McLune-Calvin and programme manager Jolie Hockings from Creative Access will talk about building a career in the creative industry.

Presented by: Billy Budgen

Location: A025, AUB Campus

Illustrator and 3D renderer Billy Budgen will be discussing how he has built his career path.

Take a look at Billy's work on Instagram.

Presented by: Kofo Marfo

Location: B001, AUB campus

Join mixed art creative producer Kojo Marfo to find out how to make all-important industry connections.

Presented by: Celia Smalls

Location: SH001, AUB campus

Film trainee finder lead Celia Smalls will talk about opportunities in film and high-end TV through ScreenSkills’ trainee finder.

Presented by: Lizzie Perry and Yoko Hargreaves

Location: Online

Find out how AUB alumni Lizzie Perry and Yoko Hargreaves used their creative powers for good whilst each setting up social enterprises.

Presented by: Sue Hamilton-White

Location: SH001, AUB campus

Art psychotherapist Sue Hamilton-White speaks about how to become an art therapist

Presented by: Laura Mulhern

Location: SH001, AUB campus

Creative business consultant Laura Mulhern shares insights into managing clients.

Presented by: Ollie Silvester

Location: SH001, AUB Campus

Commercial illustrator and animation director Ollie Silvester will be discussing how he's built his career path.

Check out Ollie's website for further information.

Presented by: Laura Mulhern

Location: SH001, AUB campus

Creative business consultant Laura Mulhern talks about how to find work and build your client base.

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