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A large cutting board in the middle of a table with lots of cut-up card and paper, pairs of scissors and tape.

Contemporary Art, Exhibition Curation and Ian McKeever workshop for schools

Recommended age: Years 12-13 | Full day


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  • TheGallery
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  • AUB Campus


These full-day workshops will take place on the following dates:

  • Friday 3 November
  • Thursday 9 November
  • Thursday 16 November
  • Friday 17 November
  • Thursday 30 November
  • Friday 1 December

In this immersive full day programme for schools, students will explore TheGallery’s autumn exhibition featuring the Dorset-based and internationally recognised contemporary British artist Ian McKeever, famous for his work merging photography and painting. In a hands-on workshop session, students will respond to and explore the possibilities of combining different mediums whilst investigating how the curation of an exhibition can affect a viewer's interaction with the work. The group will also enjoy a tour of campus and a student panel session with current AUB students, to hear about their experiences studying creative subjects at university.

Visit our page about Ian McKeever's exhibition at TheGallery for further information.

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