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Collections of Art - Digital Trail

Curated by Phil Beards and William Hernandez Abreu. Assistant Curator – Keitija Lismane


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AUB has a series of art collections and sculptures on display across the campus, which TheGallery looks after. These include the University’s own Art Collection, and artworks on loan from Public and Private Collections to include Arts Council Collection, John & Barbara Weeks Collection, Tim Harrison Studio and Bournemouth and Poole College.

TheGallery has worked with the former course leader of BA (Hons) Creative Events Management on staging this exhibition.

This campus exhibition Collections of Art - Digital Trail showcases a number of the artworks and sculptures from AUB own Art Collection and Works on Loan to AUB.

A series of QR codes have been distributed in sympathetic locations around the campus, use your smartphone camera, point at the QR code and a link will pop up on screen to take you to a photo and description of the art work. Try to find all 16 QR codes around the campus, take a photo and share on social media tagging TheGallery.

Scan the code to find out more about the artist and the artwork and follow the directions to find the actual piece located around the AUB campus.

Student Services

Margaret Maguire - Auspension of gold

© Arts University Bournemouth

Philip Townsend - The Rolling Stones

© Arts University Bournemouth

Michael Salaman - Hospital Waiting Room
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© the artist's estate. Photo credit: Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Christopher Allen - Alum Chine - Bridge

© Arts University Bournemouth

Building Design on Campus

Professor Sir Peter Cook, RA, AUB Alumnus and Honorary Fellow - CRAB Drawing Studio, AUB

© Arts University Bournemouth

North West Extension

Phil Core - The Chance Meeting on an Operating Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella: Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp, 1978
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Bree Jammet – Transcendence, 2018

© Arts University Bournemouth

Alan Charlton - Channel, 1972
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Michael Craig-Martin - History Painting
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Marcel Lamb - Olympic Stadium
© Arts University Bournemouth

Fred Pollock - Lunar Thrust, 1982
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Paul Wenham-Clarke -The Urban Gypsies Sisters Cindy & Shirley (age ten) hold Terry on his christening day at the Westway Travellers Site, London

© Paul Wenham-Clarke

University House

Margot Perryman - Untitled No. 25
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Bruce McLean - Bingo Bingo Bango Bongo

On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

© Arts University Bournemouth

Campus Sculptures

Tim Harrisson - End Piece’ (Ham Stone, 2015) Sculpture
On Loan from Tim Harrisson Studio

Sir Anthony Cragg (Sir Anthony Douglas Cragg)- Trisome 2000 Sandstone sculpture

© Arts University Bournemouth

Meet the curators: Phil Beards and William Hernandez Abreu

Phil Beards

For 21 years as an AUB course leader Phil Beards specialised in interactive digital media and events management.

A Graphic Designer by training and profession, Phil extended his practice into video production, editing and sound recording. His Master’s Degree in Electronic Graphics reflects an ongoing interest in emerging technologies, and he worked experimentally in the early years of multimedia and interactive design. Phil is an advocate for ecological sustainability completing 10 years service on AUB’s Environment Committee before retiring in December 2020. His commitment to this and creative innovation is ongoing.

Recent works include;

  • Video Projection mapping design and production; Winchester Cathedral: Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem performed by Choirs and orchestras from Bournemouth University, Imperial College London and Bournemouth Symphony Chorus.
  • Interactive 360O spherical images; Russell Cotes Museum Bournemouth;
  • Pepper’s Ghost Video Installation and aerial film; Nothe Fort, Weymouth;
  • Digital Projections and Lighting Effects augmenting a performance of JS Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with Bournemouth University Music Choir & Orchestra.

William Hernandez Abreu

William Hernandez Abreu has over 20 years of experience of working in performing arts; with a focus on dance, music and set design/making.

William is a music designer, curator and exhibition designer. He is currently the technician at TheGallery, Arts University Bournemouth. William is an active member of TheGallery Group and contributes to establish TheGallery as a leading university gallery with an international programme of exhibitions and events.

William Co–Curated Suddenly Last Summer 2018, with fellow Curator Violet M. McClean. He also designed and choreographed the dance for the Ancient Art of Rituals event that was a part of the Black Mirror: Magic in Art exhibition and documentary project. He produced the music and the concept for the Dazzle & The Art of Defence performance this year. Will was also the curator of the recent Hayward Touring Exhibition of Pop-Art pioneer Eduardo Paolozzi: General F.U.N.

William is responsible for the co-ordination, production, exhibition design and the technical delivery of TheGallery’s annual programme of exhibitions and events, and the care of the AUB and Arts Council collections. He is the lead Technician on TheGallery’s Touring Exhibitions Programme.

Arts University Bournemouth Art Collection contain artworks that mirror the variety of practices and passions of AUB staff and students from the late 1900s to date. The range of work reflects a multi-faceted approach to collecting: legacies from lecturers and associated artists, alumni and the acquisition of award winning student work.

Ranging from oil abstracts, drawings to black and white photographs, standalone sculptures to lithograph prints, the Art Collections includes over 800 works from the likes of Professor Sir Peter Cook, Philip Townsend, Alan Kitching, Rob and Roberta Smith, Martyn Brewster, Lester Lee, Marcel Lamb and many more.

TheGallery, AUB is a major resource for contemporary art and design in the UK with exhibitions that have received both national and international recognition.

Since opening in 1998, TheGallery has delivered an exciting and cultivated portfolio of exhibitions, including those that have toured internationally, as well as events and panel discussions. It has commissioned projects building upon the creative collaboration between Arts University Bournemouth and industry. We seek to enhance the cultural capital of the students, staff and alumni whilst providing a public platform for the arts within the region.

In 2016, we were presented with the Award for Innovation in Design Education by The Sir Misha Black Awards Committee for our innovative approach to design teaching. We received special recognition for TheGallery and for commissioning the first purpose-built Drawing Studio in the UK for over 100 years.

Events don’t just happen. Festivals, celebrations, exhibitions, pop-up events and multi-media events need creative, energetic and well-organised people to make them a reality. On this course, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to conceive, plan and manage successful creative events.

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