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Collections of Art - Digital Trail

Curated by Phil Beards and William Hernandez Abreu


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Date: Exhibition postponed - new dates to be confirmed. Please check out our social media channels for Gallery news and activity.
AUB Campus and North Building, Arts University Bournemouth

AUB has a series of art collections and sculptures on display across the campus, which TheGallery looks after. These include the University’s own Art Collection, and artworks on loan from Public and Private Collections to include Arts Council Collection, John & Barbara Weeks Collection, Tim Harrison Studio and Bournemouth and Poole College.

This campus exhibition Collections of Art - Digital Trail showcases a number of the artworks and sculptures from AUB own Art Collection and Works on Loan to AUB.

TheGallery has worked with Phil Beards from BA (Hons) Creative Events Management on staging this exhibition.

This collection is a valuable resource for the University and because of the global pandemic these artworks are not as accessible as they would normally be. The Digital Trail helps to bring this collection back into public view by the technology of QR codes.

A series of QR codes have been distributed in sympathetic locations around the campus, use your smart phone camera, point at the QR code and a link will pop up on screen to take you to a photo and description of the art work. Try to find all 17 QR codes around the campus, take a screen shot and share on social media.

Location: Student Services

Michael Salaman - Hospital Waiting Room
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© the artist's estate. Photo credit: Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Michael Salaman was a British painter who was born in 1911. Michael Salaman's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realised prices ranging from $468 USD to $5,664 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 1999, the record price for this artist at auction is $5,664 USD for The Poetess, sold at Christie's South Kensington in 2006. The artist died in 1991.

Margaret Maguire - Auspension of gold

© Arts University Bournemouth

Margaret Maguire is a BA (Hons) Photography Alumni. World leading photographers such as Giles Duley, Wolfgang Tillmans and Nick Knight started their careers at AUB.

Christopher Allen - Alum Chine - Bridge

© Arts University Bournemouth

Christopher Allen work is a predominantly made using a large format camera and colour film as he explores the areas.

Philip Townsend - The Rolling Stones

© Arts University Bournemouth

Philip Townsend was born in 1940, he took the first photographs of the Rolling Stones. He worked as photographer from 1960 until 1969, and his eclectic collection of images caught the essence of the swinging 60s, when the upper classes mixed with emerging new elite of actors, musicians and designers.

Known as “Mr Sixties”, he photographed mainly in black and white, and with a twist of eccentricity.

His subjects included Frankie Howerd on a skateboard, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Jimmy Page in his pre-Led Zeppelin years, members of the aristocracy, police officers on a goodwill mission to Monte Carlo, the landmark Biba shop in Kensington, scenes of Carnaby Street, and models such as Linda Keith and Rory Davis.

He also documented the Beatles meeting the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London in 1967. Philip photographed the Fab Four and their consorts, including Paul McCartney’s girlfriend Jane Asher, as they chatted and even watched TV. In the days before layers of management control, the group were quite accessible, and Philip was able to come and go as he pleased.

Philip’s work is held in the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery, where it was included in the Beatles to Bowie exhibition in 2010. An exhibition of his images, Mister Sixties, was held at the Lowry gallery, Salford, in 2010.

His work was prominent in the exhibition Rolling Stones: 50 at Somerset House, London, in 2012, and is included in Exhibitionism, the Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

In 2009, he was awarded an Honorary Degree by Arts University Bournemouth.

Location: North Building and NorthWest Extension

Michael Craig-Martin - History Painting
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

In this painting, Michael Craig-Martin explores the relationship between two different modes of artistic expression. The two distinct areas of colour refer to abstract art, while the objects refer to naturalistic representation. The artist notes, 'I've tried to reconcile certain aspects of abstraction and representation that are usually considered irreconcilable.' Michael Craig-Martin is one of Britain's leading conceptual artists. During the early 1960s he was influenced by Minimalism.

His work has since taken many different forms, including ready-made objects, wall drawings, written texts and painting. His main focus, however, is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between experience and knowledge, and between belief and understanding. Central to his work is the presence and reaction of the viewer, or, as Craig-Martin puts it, 'the experience of a work of art'. Rosemary Harris and Helen Luckett.

Alan Charlton - Channel, 1972
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Alan Charlton paints monochrome grey paintings, which he has been doing since the early 1970s. Far from being monotone and unexciting Charlton’s works concentrate on physicality, uniformity and method and they evoke a profound sense of the painting as a spatial entity.

Charlton originally chose grey because of its ordinary quality but he rapidly recognised that the colour held special characteristics. Consequently the paintings are far more expressive than anticipated. Immaculate surfaces are interrupted by form and rhythm is generated by broken repetition. Charlton has been an inspiration for many contemporary artists and his paintings are a testimony to his continually honest and enduring vision and integrity.

Margot Perryman - Untitled No. 25
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Bryan Robertson writes that Margot Perryman's paintings are: 'free from any reference to natural appearances and the prevailing mood is one of coolness and calm. But an inspection of anyone painting shows at once that what appears to be a black surface conceals only momentarily a lot of lively action expressed in very subtle terms of edges, alignments, disproportionate and unexpected scale, or in the way that empty space appears to be affected, inhabited even, by the action and interaction of shapes containing it... all is not at all what it seems at first glance.'

Paul Wenham-Clarke -The Urban Gypsies Sisters Cindy & Shirley (age ten) hold Terry on his christening day at the Westway Travellers Site, London

Paul is a Professor of Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth. He is a Gold Award Winning member of the Association of Photographers and a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

His work is exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Somerset House and St Martin-in-the Fields Gallery.

Fred Pollock - Lunar Thrust, 1982
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre.

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Lunar Thrust has a sense of calm movement, of a progression from one side of the canvas to the river. His aim was to make paintings which were visually powerful, and which had a lot of impact on first viewing.

Marcel Lamb - Olympic Stadium
© Arts University Bournemouth

Marcel Lamb has photographed most of the mayor Developments in Hong Kong and, Greater China, in 2008 Marcel had assignments in most of the major cities in china, which included the Beijing Olympic project. His images have become some of the most iconic exterior shots of the Olympic Stadiums.

Quiaodan Xiang - From a Floating Perspective

© Arts University Bournemouth

Quiaodan Xia graduated from MA Fine Art, AUB in 2015. Quiaodan is a young Chinese female painter based in UK.

Quiaodan is interested in exploring the phenomena and the relationships that exist on a macroscopic as well as microcosmic level. Through practice she is interested in revealing that which is overlooked.

In her that works, Macro and micro existences share graphic similarity. The macroscopic world is a consist of microcosmic existences, this status can be a infinite circulation her primary practice is printmaking and painting which is supported by a range of media, including installation, drawing and ceramics.

Quiaodan sees painting as a means of exploration and expression of her thoughts. Each work has the capacity to emit its own unique energy and to communicate the emotive register of the artist.

At times, this is a gradual process or equally instantaneous, but usually reveals the more subtle thoughts in her mind. The results are artworks that utilize both figurative and abstract languages.

Phil Core - The Chance Meeting on an Operating Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella: Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp, 1978
On Loan from Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

© Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre

Marcel Duchamp was born at Blainville Crevon in Normandy, France, and grew up in a family that enjoyed cultural activities. The art of painter and engraver Émile Frédéric Nicolle, his maternal grandfather, filled the house, and the family liked to play chess, read books, paint, and make music together.

Marcel Duchamp designated the found objects as ready made art in 1913 and in the 1960s Andy Warhol democratised art through popular culture.

These concepts all united in Philip Core’s painting the Change Meeting on an Operating Table of a Sewing Machine and Umbrella Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp (1978).

Campus Sculptures and Building Design

Professor Sir Peter Cook, RA, AUB Alumnus and Honorary Fellow - CRAB Drawing Studio, AUB

© Arts University Bournemouth

CRAB Drawing Studio was designed and completed by renowned architect and AUB alumnus, Professor Sir Peter Cook RA, and his office, CRAB.

It the first purpose-built drawing studio to be constructed at an art school for more than a century, but it is also Sir Peter’s first building to be built in the UK. The building is accessible to students from all courses across the University enabling all creative artists, working in any genre, to be in the same space together, from costume designers to architects, animators to teachers.

The Drawing Studio was officially opened on 3 March 2016 by a special guest, the world-famous Dame Zaha Hadid, who closed her speech with ‘I simply love this building.'

Sir Anthony Cragg (Sir Anthony Douglas Cragg)- Trisome 2000 Sandstone sculpture

© Arts University Bournemouth

Sir Anthony Douglas Cragg (born 9 April 1949) is a British sculptor living in Germany.

Tony Cragg was born in Liverpool. He studied art at Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, Cheltenham, from 1968 to 1970, and painting at the Wimbledon School of Art, London, from 1970 to 1973. The same year he went on to study sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London, completing an MA in 1977.

Tony Cragg's early work involved site-specificinstallations of found objects and discarded materials.

From the mid-1970s through to the early 1980s he presented assemblages in primary structures (as in his first mature piece, the 1975 Stack) as well as in colourful, representational reliefs on the floors and walls of gallery spaces (as in Red Indian of 1982–3). Cragg constructed these early works by systematically arranging individual fragments of mixed materials, often according to their artificial colours and profiles, so as to form larger images.

Tim Harrisson - End Piece’ (Ham Stone, 2015) Sculpture
On Loan from Tim Harrisson Studio

Tim Harrisson was born in Essex in 1952 and lives and works in Hindon, Wiltshire. Tim studied at Hammersmith College of Art, Norwich Art School and Byam Shaw School of Fine Art. In 1988. He was Sculptor in Residence at Red House Museum, Christchurch, organised by the Hampshire sculpture Trust.

He has exhibited widely in both group and solo exhibitions, including the Drawing Centre Marlborough, 2011, Bournemouth University, Atrium Gallery and Creswell Crags Museum. He shows work regularly at the New Art Centre, Roche Court, near Salisbury. Recent commissions include, West Park House, Southampton City Centre, the Russell Coates Museum Bournemouth, and Chatsworth House, kDerbyshire.

Meet the curators: Phil Beards and William Hernandez Abreu

Phil Beards

In a design career spanning 40 Phil Beards years has specialised in visual arts, technology and events management, most recently as AUB Course Leader for BA(Hons) Interactive Media, Digital Media Production and Creative Events Management (2000 to 2020).

By training and profession, a Graphic Designer, Phil extended his practice into video production, editing and sound recording. He has an enduring interest in developing technologies reflected in his Master’s Degree in Electronic Graphics.

As a designer and course leader Phil advocates ecological sustainability most recently through AUB’s Environment Committee. His commitment to this and design expression continues following his recent retirement and to return to creative practice. Recent works include;

  • Projection mapping design and production; Winchester Cathedral: Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem performed by Choirs and orchestras from Bournemouth University, Imperial College London and Bournemouth Symphony Chorus.
  • Interactive 360O spherical images; Russell Cotes Museum Bournemouth;
  • Pepper’s Ghost Video Installation and aerial film; Nothe Fort, Weymouth;
  • Digital Projections and Lighting Effects augmenting a performance of JS Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with Bournemouth University Music Choir & Orchestra.

William Hernandez Abreu

William Hernandez Abreu has over 20 years of experience of working in performing arts; with a focus on dance, music and set design/making.

William is a music designer, curator and exhibition designer. He is currently the technician at TheGallery, Arts University Bournemouth. William is an active member of TheGallery Group and contributes to establish TheGallery as a leading university gallery with an international programme of exhibitions and events.

William Co–Curated Suddenly Last Summer 2018, with fellow Curator Violet M. McClean. He also designed and choreographed the dance for the Ancient Art of Rituals event that was a part of the Black Mirror: Magic in Art exhibition and documentary project. He produced the music and the concept for the Dazzle & The Art of Defence performance this year. Will was also the curator of the recent Hayward Touring Exhibition of Pop-Art pioneer Eduardo Paolozzi: General F.U.N.

William is responsible for the co-ordination, production, exhibition design and the technical delivery of TheGallery’s annual programme of exhibitions and events, and the care of the AUB and Arts Council collections. He is the lead Technician on TheGallery’s Touring Exhibitions Programme.

Arts University Bournemouth Art Collection contain artworks that mirror the variety of practices and passions of AUB staff and students from the late 1900s to date. The range of work reflects a multi-faceted approach to collecting: legacies from lecturers and associated artists, alumni and the acquisition of award winning student work.

Ranging from oil abstracts, drawings to black and white photographs, standalone sculptures to lithograph prints, the Art Collections includes over 800 works from the likes of Professor Sir Peter Cook, Philip Townsend, Alan Kitching, Rob and Roberta Smith, Martyn Brewster, Lester Lee, Marcel Lamb and many more.

TheGallery, AUB is a major resource for contemporary art and design in the UK with exhibitions that have received both national and international recognition.

Since opening in 1998, TheGallery has delivered an exciting and cultivated portfolio of exhibitions, including those that have toured internationally, as well as events and panel discussions. It has commissioned projects building upon the creative collaboration between Arts University Bournemouth and industry. We seek to enhance the cultural capital of the students, staff and alumni whilst providing a public platform for the arts within the region.

In 2016, we were presented with the Award for Innovation in Design Education by The Sir Misha Black Awards Committee for our innovative approach to design teaching. We received special recognition for TheGallery and for commissioning the first purpose-built Drawing Studio in the UK for over 100 years.

Events don’t just happen. Festivals, celebrations, exhibitions, pop-up events and multi-media events need creative, energetic and well-organised people to make them a reality. On this course, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to conceive, plan and manage successful creative events.

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