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AUB Creative Futures Fest: Careers in the Media


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This year’s Creative Futures Fest features industry experts from across a wide range of creative industries, including fashion, publishing, television and arts sectors.

Careers in the Media event hosts a selection of speakers who will give you share their career journeys and give information and insights into how to break into the fields of Publishing, Journalism, TV, Film and Advertising.


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Developing your career in the film/animation industry with LoveLove Films


Building a Design Career at CNN with Emmy winner and motion graphics designer


Careers in fashion and beauty journalism by Head of Fashion at the Telegraph


Careers in Publishing with Macmillan Children's book team


Screen Skills Trainee Finder - Trainee opportunities in Film and TV


Pact Diversity Training Scheme -Placements in TV and Film


Building a Career in Advertising as a Creative with AUB Alumni

About the events

Speaker: Shannon Reeves, Production Coordinator

Join the team from LoveLove Films for a session that will offer fantastic insights from industry professionals and tips on what you can be doing now to help you access the film industry later on. You will also be able to learn about the employment process at LoveLove films and gain knowledge about any jobs/opportunities that are available.

Shannon is a Junior Production Manager at LoveLove Films. She joined the LoveLove Films team full time as a Production Coordinator in 2018 after having worked with them for 2 years as a Production Assistant. Shannon moved up to Junior Production Manager within the team and has been working primarily on LoveLove Films’ pre-school series, Pop Paper City.

Speaker: Alex Sears, Lead Motion Graphics Designer

Alex is an award-winning motion graphics designer for the multinational news-based television channel CNN. Since graduating from UWE 5 years ago with a degree in animation, he has developed his skills as a motion designer who looks for inspiration not just within design to create strong unique aesthetics. You can see Alex's work on his Instagram account @alex_sears.

In his talk, Alex will discuss his career and what it’s like to work at CNN. As well as discuss the Internship scheme at CNN and how you can get involved.

Speaker: Lisa Armstrong, Head of Fashion at The Telegraph

Lisa Armstrong is Head of Fashion at The Telegraph and Before that, she was a fashion director at The Times and at Vogue.

She began her career at Fitness Magazine before moving to Elle. She has also written four novels and The Harper's Bazaar Guide to Style and featured for numerous national and international publications. In 2011, The University of Arts, London awarded her an honorary doctorship. She has also won Fashion Journalist of the Year three times at the British Press Awards.

In her talk, Lisa will talk about her career as a journalist and author, and give tips and advice to anyone interested in breaking in journalism within the fashion and beauty industry.

Speakers: Stephanie Barton, Chris Inns and Hannah Ray

Join the Macmillan team to find out about Careers in Publishing, how to prepare and tips for breaking in. Whether you are an illustrator writer or just have an interest in publishing come along to find out more about this industry.

Speaker: Michelle Franklin

Are you thinking of a career in the film industry but unsure of how to break in?

Whether you have skills in make-up, costume, sound, video, running or camera, Michelle Franklin from Screen Skills will be here to share first-hand industry knowledge and top tips of what you can do to get into the industry.

This talk will also include information on the Screen Skills Trainee finder programme which helps place trainees on UK feature films, children’s TV and high-end TV dramas across the UK.

Speaker: Anjani Patel

Pact. Diversity are committed to improving diversity within the media industry and offer a training scheme aimed specifically at entry-level diverse talent. Pact firmly believes that diversity in the film and TV industries matters, and that the sector should be supporting new entrants who reflect the full diversity of the UK today.

Anjani Patel will be talking about how new graduates can access the pact training scheme and will also be providing an insight into her own experiences of directing prime time factual and entertainment shows.

Speaker: Freddie Wright

Meet Freddie who is a member of AUB's alumni network and works for global media and marketing agency Carat. Find out about Freddie's move from commercial photography into the world of advertising and pick up top tips on what you can be doing now to help you move into advertising later on. This session will provide an excellent insight into what it is like to work for a large design firm and how you can seek similar opportunities upon graduation.

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