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Wellbeing webinars

Hosted by Student Services
For AUB Students


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Dates: 26 October - 7 December 2022 (Wednesdays)
Time: 17.00-18.00
Location: online, on Teams

Reserve your space via bookings on MyAUB.

Date Webinar

21, 25 September, 5 October

Transitions to uni life

12 October, 30 November

Sleep on it

19 October

Confident communication

26 October, 7 December

Skills for self-esteem

2 November

Managing perfection

9 November

Imposter syndrome

16, 23 November

Managing stress

Webinar summary

We know it can be tough coming to university, so we’ve put together a workshop to support you on your journey, from budgeting to living with others and much more.

A workshop all about sleep and its role in maintaining and restoring our mind and body. Learn skills to help develop a healthy sleep routine to catch those all-important ZZZs.

Communication is key in forming and maintaining healthy relationships, but it’s not always easy! Boost your relationships with friends, family and housemates with these tools.

Self-esteem is how we value ourselves, which heavily impacts on how we live our lives. This workshop will look broadening our understanding of self-esteem and the tools used to change negative self-beliefs.

Seeking perfection can be great, in moderation. Is perfectionism taking its toll on your wellbeing, sleep or friendships? Learn how to be the best you without burning out.

Is self-doubt sabotaging your work? Do you attribute your success to luck? This workshop looks at what imposter syndrome is and what we can do to tackle it.

We’ll all face stress throughout our lives, so it’s important we learn how to manage it. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring ways to manage our stress, find a good work/life balance, and improve wellbeing.

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