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AUB Productions presents: A Midzoomer Night's Dream

Hosted by AUB Productions and Butterfly Theatre Company


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“The course of true love never did run smooth”

London, at a time in the not too distant future. Draconian laws like no shouting at protests, no breaking quarantine and even the death penalty have become the norm. The patriarchy’s rules are unrelenting. Young people are divided on any issue they can TikTok about, the environment, veganism, toxic masculinity. Everyone is existing in an online world of Zoom, true love and connection is nowhere to be seen...

As a distraction from the chaos, the Prime Minister, Theseus, is arranging his wedding to wealthy young aristocrat Hippolyta. Nearby a group of key workers, once actors now delivery drivers and care home workers, rehearse a play to be performed at the wedding, hoping for a big break. A group of young lovers break quarantine and flee illegally to the woods and enter, unbeknownst to them, into the world of the fairies, whose long and bitter war is causing all the turmoil in the human world.

Can any of them be reconciled? Can beauty and vulnerability be allowed to flourish in both worlds as everyone chooses love? This current and relevant retelling sees Shakespeare's famous comedy brought to life online, featuring government cronyism, Instagram influential young lovers, key worker mechanicals and love, love, love!

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  • Julia Abbiss
  • Saul Bache
  • Amber L. Jacobs
  • Rhobat North
  • Vincent Oblyschuk
  • Rebekah Gene-Nicol
  • Ethan Slater
  • Una Reitere

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Butterfly Theatre

  • Director: Aileen Gonsalves
  • Technical Director: Alex Gray
  • Producer: Carla-Marie Metcalfe

AUB Creatives

  • Designer: Ruby Enticknap
  • Costume Supervisor: Heather Jones
  • Make-Up Designer: Samantha Cook

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