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Illustration work displayed in the Drawing Studio at AUB. The work is surrounded by plants and lit but a large oval glass window

Illustration: Live talks

Instagram live | Illustration | Industry speaker | Guest talk


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To join our Instagram Live talks, all you'll need is an Instagram account and the app on your phone.

Be sure to follow @aubillustration ahead of time, too. There's currently a class of 2020 takeover, showing some incredible work.

Illustration: Live talks - Liv & Dom, Philippine D’Otreppe, and Kate Rowland

Hear from our illustration alumni who have made names for themselves in all areas of illustration including ceramics, jewellery and homeware

Illustration: Live talks - Olivia Brotheridge, Peter Henderson, and Debbie Powell

Hear from our alumni who have worked in different fields of illustration, but share a capacity for making highly striking visual work

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