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Model in a colourful outfit and headdress walks down a runway as part of a fashion show.

Graduate Fashion Week 2021

Graduate Fashion Week | BA (Hons) Fashion


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The BA (Hons) Fashion show will be streamed live on Wednesday 16 June at 15.00.

The show is open to all, but you need to register with Graduate Fashion Week on their website.

We also have two students shortlisted for awards, Jordy Mawhood from BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication and Abigail Wall from BA (Hons) Fashion – winners will be announced on Friday 18 June at 20.00.

We keep these stories alive

Our roots anchor us to time and place that we've never known and blood bonds us to the ancestors we've never met.

Our identities like in the heritage and legacy left by our forefathers, whose heirlooms, faded images and stories we carry with us.

How strange that our hearts keep us drawn to the towns we call home, whilst there is a whole world w've yet to explore.

We discover our world through our shared diversity and take pride in our ancestors astray led the way before us with everything we know today.

As we carry their legacy forward and layer in our own new narratives we take these stories with us, we keep these stories alive.

Featuring work from final year BA (Hons) Fashion students.

Film production by second year (BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication students.

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