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A promenade by the sea. Three people and a dog walk along. Someone sits on some steps to the right.

Design-it: The Place Bureau

Hosted by Rosanna Vitiello, bureau chief and co-founder.


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We’re delighted to announce that AUB’s first public Design-it Lecture of 2021 will be delivered by Rosanna Vitiello from The Place Bureau.

In this lecture, cultural strategist, designer and urban researcher, Rosanna Vitiello, takes us on a journey to explore the origins and futures of coastal placemaking through the lens of storytelling. Taking a view on the coastline as a cultural asset and stage for shared creative futures, we investigate the beach as the ultimate public space; ways in which creative practitioners from all walks of life have drawn inspiration from coastlines worldwide; and with culture breaking out of the box post-Covid, how integrating narrative into the process, fabric and programme of a place could help us imagine our coastlines in a different way.

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