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The Biomachine poster

BA (Hons) Fine Art Students collaborate with the Structural Genomics Consortium for exhibition: 'The Biomachine: Proteins in Praxis'


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The Biomachine: Proteins in Praxis

The Biomachine: Proteins in Praxis is a collaborative exhibition between Arts University Bournemouth BA (Hons) Fine Art students and the Structural Genomics Consortium. Students have been invited to respond to the medical research processes that happen at their Oxford laboratory, with the exhibition seeking to highlight the importance of research into biochemistry.

Playing with the creative and destructive roles we have as artists and scientists, our collaboration with the SGC focuses on the dichotomy of the random and the controlled, breaking and re-making, the human and the post-human.

The unpredictability of human and scientific processes allude to a spiritual space, the mind seeking to know the unknowable. We seek to explore human and technological intervention, the human desire to solve and control. The struggle to understand and repair the brain, body and environment around us being a process of beauty and futility; our self-importance as humans pushing us to create and destroy like gods.

Artists featured in the exhibition are:

Jack Evans, Haven Xie, Bethany White, Jack Lyons, Hannah Andrews, Jayne Chalk, Sophie Sobell, Hannah Bao, Alanah Wallis, Jessica Tipper, Bonnie470, Sasha Corker, Anya Bliss, Seth Horton, Heather Savage, Alex White, Rachele Di Giovanni, Ellisha Brinkhurst.

The exhibition will be held at the Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QP from the 27 March until 15 June 2019. To book a viewing contact the Radcliffe Science Library at

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