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An old-fashioned television. The words 'Beyond and Between Take Off: 27.4.21 @4PM" appear on the screen.

'Beyond and Between' Online Exhibition

Words by BA (Hons) Fine Art students


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This spring, BA (Hons) Fine Arts will be presenting an exhibition completely out of this world! In extraordinary artworks created by 24 artists, a vast range of conceptual ideas are encompassed in the themes of The Unknown, Terra and Communications. These themes are informed by personal research and interests as well as information collected from the European Space Agency, which is subsequently transformed into spectacular pieces of art, ready for observation!

What feelings arise when we stare into the vast expanse of the sky? How do we confront the unknown infinity of the cosmos? This section of the exhibition is called ‘The Unknown’ and asks the viewer and the artist to take a dive into the depths of possibility, to explore these questions and move beyond that which we know. These features work by AUB students Milo van Dam, Amy Brice, Omema Arfaoui, Harry Webber, Miah Gill, Alexandra Marin, Clara Begliardi Ghidini, Besma Alwesmi, Emna Naji, Isabel Crabtree Parker, Janushia Tharmabalan, Sophie Baudains, Martha Green and Jem Pranata.

Here, we have considered what it means to explore the vastness of space, our place within it, and more. Take a bold, brave step out into the stars, and see what mysteries you uncover…

Earth... does this planet mean the world to you? For the Beyond and Between Exhibition our artists plummet through the depths of our atmosphere and explore the geological and climatic weather patterns effecting this beautiful, delicate planet, seen through the lens of orbiting satellites of the European Space Agency and addressing these pressing subject matters. Through raising awareness of our planet’s anthropogenic climate change, it highlights our tenuous future on Earth, which asks: can we as a species adapt to survive on a new world, or can we save this one? By investigating these different aspects on this small rock we call home, Emily Thomas, Lucy Barter, Madi Kavanagh, Issy Mills, Eileen Murekian and Julie Reid express their artistic perspective through painting and sculpture and enter a thought-provoking dialogue with the viewer.

In the time of a pandemic and the golden age of the internet, the need to communicate over greater distances through the aid of social media platforms and communication platforms has skyrocketed, in both professional and personal environments. What will this mean for the future of human relationships and our relationships with technology? By maintaining contact with each other, are we also enabling our own reliance on machinery? Are we as humans helping the progression of technology, or are we just a crutch once lent on that technology no longer needs?

The artists Jessica Brauner, Jake Preston, Annabel Miller and Che Nugent within the communications area of this exhibition aim to examine these questions, integrating scientific research on the developments of telecommunications technology. Jessica Brauner links research concerning data transmission between satellites with an autobiographical narrative in her film work, while Annabel Miller’s work entitled ‘The constant print’ shines a light on the relationship between technology and the body.

The exhibition is one of three created by Fine Art second year students. The launch events will take place on the same afternoon, with Pitt-Rivers launch at 14.00, Wellcome Collection at 15.00 and ESA at 16.00. All three launches share the same Zoom link, details to join are below.

The virtual exhibition is accompanied by a launch event on zoom at 16.00 on the 27 April. You can visit the exhibition via the website from midday on 27 April:

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