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Illustration of a woman with a butchers knife and meat hanging on a rack behind her

AUB Productions presents: The Gut Girls


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The production, due to take place 16-18 December 2021, has been postponed until 2022. We'll be announcing new dates soon!

The women of Deptford Foreign Cattle Market are up to their elbows in the guts of animals, working twelve or thirteen hours a day preparing meat for London's butcher shops. They are pilloried, and marginalised, even if they are well-paid.

One local well-to-do woman decides that the Christian thing to do would be to teach these women how to act like young ladies, train them up for a life as maid-servants and 'improve' them.

Gut Girls contrasts the bloody mess of independence and solidarity with the apparently pristine face of upper-class life.

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