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Animation in the Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Approaches to Integrating Animation and Marine Biology

Hosted by The Animation Research Group at Arts University Bournemouth
MA Animation Production | BA (Hons) Animation Production | PhD in Animation | The Animation Research Group


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Date: 11 May 2021

In this presentation for the Animation Research Group, Ruth Hayes discusses how Animation, as a highly interdisciplinary art form, can play a central role in interdisciplinary education.

This talk will discuss the skills, practices and modes of thinking that animation and marine biology share, and describe themes and strategies used to integrate these two disciplines. The interdisciplinary pedagogy and curricular structures of The Evergreen State College, a public, liberal arts college in Washington State, provide context for this talk. Examples from the syllabi and resulting student work show how teaching animation in conjunction with the biological sciences can lead students to integrative, synthetic thinking and creative growth.

Ruth Hayes

Ruth Hayes is an artist and experimental animator on faculty of The Evergreen State College, where she teaches animation theory and practice in broadly interdisciplinary contexts. Her creative research involves animated experiments in film, video and digital media as well as flip-books and other pre-cinema formats. You can see example of Ruth's work on Vimeo and her website.

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