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Student Privacy Notice

Student Privacy Notice

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), as part of its day-to-day business, handles and collects student data: both data collected by the university about students and data provided by students.

The process for dealing with this data is outlined below.

1.1 We collect data about you in a number of ways, for example:

  • from the information you provide to us when you interact with us before joining, for example when you express you request information about a course or a prospectus;
  • when you submit your application to study at AUB either direct or via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS);
  • when you communicate with us;
  • in various other ways as you interact with us during your time as a student;
  • from third parties, for example from your previous or current school, sixth form college, university or employers who may provide a reference about you or who may sponsor your studies.

1.2 Appendix A details the purposes for which we may use your personal data.

1.3 The information we typically hold about you is detailed in our Student Retention Schedule, which is available on the intranet under Compliance. This sets out details of how long we will hold information for and the legal basis for holding it.

1.4 It is your responsibility to ensure that the details you give us are accurate and kept up to date. This is particularly important in relation to your correspondence address and mobile phone number – do not forget to tell us if these change, using the self-service option on e-vision.

1.5 We cannot divulge any personal or sensitive information to anyone else (including parents) without your permission. If you wish to give permission there is a form on e-vision called third party consent, which can be accessed from the e-vision home page. Here you can identify people with whom we can share information and specify the type of information, which can be shared such as financial or academic. You can change your mind about giving permission at any time by deleting the details you have put in.

1.6 The data, which you provide during the enrolment process or in any later data requests, will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). It will only be used by the University for the conduct of its legitimate business.

2.1 In order to fulfil our study agreement with you, we have to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of your personal information. By law, we have to share some information about your studies with relevant regulatory bodies. We will only hold sensitive information such as details about your racial or ethnic origin or health with your consent and because it is required to fulfil our obligations to you.

2.2 We may process your personal data because it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you. This includes:

  • interacting with you before you are enrolled as a student, as part of the admissions process;
  • to provide you with the services as set out in our Student Agreement;
  • to deal with any concerns or feedback you may have.

2.3 We may also process your personal data for our compliance with our legal obligations. This includes meeting our compliance and regulatory obligations.

2.4 We may also process your personal data where it is necessary for medical purposes or it is necessary to protect your or another person’s vital interests.

2.5 At times, we will process your personal data because you have given your specific or, where necessary, explicit consent for us to do so.

3.1 We will sometimes pass information to third parties to fulfil our statutory duties and will provide relevant information to awarding bodies. One example is when the University is required to provide student contact details for the National Student Survey.

3.2 Data may be released to third parties in relation to financial matters associated with your education. We are required to pass data about you to HESA, which creates a Student Record for you, and some of this will be passed to other statutory bodies involved with the funding of education.

To find out more about what is included in your HESA record and how this information is used, you can visit their website.

3.3 We will provide data to the Student Loan Company and to your Local Education Authority. If necessary, the University will also release data to parties involved in the recovery of debts to the University. The University provides confirmation of student status to Bournemouth Council for the purpose of confirming eligibility for council tax exemption

3.4 Data may also be passed to other agencies in accordance with our statutory requirements; under no circumstances will your data be passed to an agency, which does not subscribe to the General Data Protection Regulations, be sold to a third party, or otherwise used for profit.

3.5 Where students are sponsored by an employer, national government or other source, the University will provide details of attendance and attainment to the sponsor on request.

3.6 We may share your data with other third parties if you ask us to do so, for example if you do a student exchange or placement.

3.7 For details of the above agencies and other parties data may be shared with, see Appendix B.

4.1 Personal data will be published in the award ceremony booklet. This information will also be passed to third parties involved in the ceremonies (including our local paper and commemorative clothing suppliers). All published details will be available on our archive and our website following the relevant graduation events.

4.2 You may withhold your consent to your name being published for these purposes when you register online to attend the award ceremony or graduate in absentia.

4.3 After you have graduated, we will ask you if you wish to be contacted as a member of the Alumni Association or if you wish to receive information about the University’s products and services. You are allowed to opt out of receiving these communications at any time.

4.4 Your work may be used to promote the University on the website and in other publications.

4.5 You may be filmed or photographed while on your course and the course team may put the video or image on the website along with selected work from students. If you do not want to be filmed or photographed, you must make your views clear at the time the filming or photography is taking place.

4.6 Students under 18 will not be filmed or have their photo used without written permission from parents or guardians.

5.1 We will provide data on request to the police and other enforcement agencies in emergencies and where crime detection or prevention can be aided by its release.

5.2 We may also share certain details about you with our dedicated Police Community Support team where there is reason to do so, for example in relation to criminal or anti-social behaviour. This will not include information about your academic progress, but may include your photograph and contact details.

6.1 We will share your name, contact details and student number with the Students’ Union (SU) in order to help the SU to communicate effectively with you.

6.2 The SU use this information to administer membership of the Students’ Union. They will also send some of the student data to the National Union of Students (“NUS”)

6.3 You can opt out of being contacted by the SU and from your data being processed at any time.

We will retain your full student record for six years after you have left the University so that we can fulfil our function of recording details of the awards we make, and provide details of your education and references when asked to do so. After six years, we will retain a permanent record of you and your achievements at the University.

8.1 Under the GDPR you have a right to:

  • request access to, and copies of, the personal data that we hold about you;
  • raise an objection where the processing of data we hold about you is likely to cause you damage or distress.
  • require that we cease processing your personal data if the processing is causing you damage or distress;
  • to require us to correct the personal data we hold about you if it is incorrect;
  • to require us to restrict our data processing activities (and, where our processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw that consent, without affecting the lawfulness of our processing based on consent before its withdrawal, or require us to delete your data);
  • stop us from sending you marketing communications.

8.2 To exercise these rights or if you require any further information or have any queries, please contact the Data Protection Officer

8.3 The University’s Data Protection Policy can be accessed through the student portal, MyAUB.