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The Environment and AUB

This is AUB. A place to shape and build your work; to learn, share, provoke and collaborate.

The Environment and AUB

We are a creative community that is committed to and shares a passion for the disciplines of art, design, media and performance.

We recognise that our activities impact upon the environment of students, staff and visitors as well as the wider community through our infrastructure development, and day to day operations.

In providing a specialist high-quality education experience in art, design, media and performance, we're committed to focusing on embedding continuous environmental, sustainable, and social justice improvement. We aim to be a centre of excellence in environmental management through engagement with the higher education sector and wider community to promote environmental best practice.

Sustainability and Net Zero (SNZ) programme

AUB has pledged to be net zero by 2030 and is a signatory of the EAUC Race to Zero. The Sustainability and Net Zero (SNZ) programme of works (published in 2021) will enable AUB to meet its signatory net zero pledge; set non-emission targets; establish targets in relation to wider sustainability issues (such as supporting biodiversity); and will align with the University’s strategic vision and values. The SNZ will need to be considered and reflected throughout all AUB policies and procedures.

A Net Zero Task Force is established with the aim to set the initial programme, report on performance to Environment Committee, and make any necessary adjustments during the lifespan of the programme (and likely beyond).

AUB's environment and sustainability commitments

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Our commitment

Our commitment to implementing best environmental practice is demonstrated through...

  • A commitment to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution
  • A commitment to fulfil its compliance obligations
  • A commitment to continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance
  • A commitment to never investing in fossil fuels
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Environmental Sustainability

At AUB, we aim to make sure we're as environmentally sustainable as possible from campus building to student and staff training

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Student Engagement

Find out how you can get involved with AUB's Green Team and be a little greener

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To help the earth, AUB encourage students and staff to commute by sustainable means and provide incentives to travel sustainability

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Fairtrade and Food

As a member of the Fairtrade scheme, AUB's committed to ensuring that healthy and sustainable food is available to students and staff

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Sustainability awards

We’re committed to recognising and promoting the brilliant work which students do in responding to the importance of sustainability

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Environment and the curriculum

Ensuring learners are informed of and responsible for their actions and consequences within the three pillars of sustainable development...

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Although we have limited green space on campus, we’re committed to maximising our potential, increasing biodiversity

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Explore the campus

A building with sloping blue rooftops in the foreground. Another large university building with metal mesh exterior and pink spiked rooftop stands in the background.


Our campus is a living, breathing, academic environment for creativity – it's where you'll make amazing things happen

Illustration of a university campus in the foreground, and buildings, a ferris wheel and rocks in the background.

AUB:360 tour

Explore AUB's creative campus with our new 360° virtual tour

A model sits on a chair in the centre of a room while a group of artists draw them.

Drawing Studio

Our iconic, blue Drawing Studio is used by student from all courses and was designed by Alumnus, Sir Peter Cook​

Open space at TheGallery at AUB during the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize exhibition 2024.


Our in-house gallery, TheGallery, is a major resource for contemporary art and design in the South of England

Small glass cabinet with a number of colourful plastic objects on display inside.


MoDiP is the UK's leading resource for the study and interpretation of design in plastics and specialist research resource

Rows of vacant seats inside the Palace Court Theatre.

Palace Court Theatre

The Palace Court Theatre is a 1930s Art Deco theatre building, situated in Bournemouth town centre.

Students working at computers in a library. A set of stairs leads up to a second landing with a balcony running along.

The Library

The Library at AUB holds an excellent range of print and online collections

Person stands by a table. Two printing presses are in the foreground.


The Printroom and Passiv Haus are two great facilities available to all AUB student

A person sits around on a chair facing away from a window.

Bournemouth Film School

With a history spanning over 50 years, BFS sits at the heart of AUB, setting the standard for turning creativity into careers

A person behind a counter prepares to pick up a ham and cheese croissant from a pile with a pair of tongs.

Food and drink

We’ve got plenty of food and drink choices all over the AUB campus

Uniprint shop based on AUB's campus – paints and paper lining the walls


Uniprint is here for all your printing needs, offering services from dissertation printing and binding to business cards and banners.