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Future Ecologies: growing a resilient model of Higher Education

Wednesday 6 March 2024, 18.00–19.30


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Location: South House Lecture Theatre (SH001), AUB Campus

Admission: This event is free to attend

This lecture is part of the AUB Open lecture series, a series of events sharing specialist knowledge on topics of design thinking and creative practice. The lectures support the University's commitment to its civic agenda.

In this talk, Dr Kevan Manwaring will explore alternative teaching and learning models based upon the natural world. In an ‘age of polycrisis’, how does a university not only survive, but thrive?

About this event

As a society we're facing multiple threats from a variety of angles.

The climate crisis is developing at an alarming speed; likewise the cost-of-living crisis is a constant worry for many. The arts are currently facing negative discourse from a government that devalues the arts in Higher Education and doesn't champion the Creative Industries as a valid and viable career choice. Similarly, we must be mindful of the increasing vulnerabilities of students, and the exponential rise of AI – an entity that’s unclear whether it's friend or foe.

In this inspired and innovative talk, Dr Kevan Manwaring will explore alternative pedagogical structures and approaches based upon the natural world, offering a fresh perspective that could future-proof campuses, curricula, and the whole endeavour of education amid a blizzard of shifting variables.

Meet the speaker

Dr Kevan Manwaring Programme Leader – MA Creative Writing (online)


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