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A woman standing on a street at night, dressed in fox ears and orange, extravagant clothing.

Foxstrut – reclaiming the streets with women's night walks

Hosted by Jayne Jackson and Lorna Rees


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  • Bournemouth Town Centre


Date and time: 8 December 2023, 18.00–19.00

Location: Horseshoe Common, Bournemouth

Join Jayne Jackson and Lorna Rees for 'Foxstrut' – a night walk for women to honour the World Health Organisation’s global 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

Bournemouth has the highest concentration of urban foxes in the UK, who effortlessly navigate our urban landscapes and the nighttime city streets. However, the veil of darkness often casts a shadow of unease upon women, who are unfairly scrutinised if they encounter violence or harassment – the blame is often misplaced on their activities, clothing, or mere presence on the streets.

This event will host the inaugural 'Foxstrut', a chance for women and members of the LGBT+ community of all ages to reclaim the streets and night as their own. Participants are encouraged to wear fox-themed clothing to celebrate the freedom of the fox, as well as a collective stand against gender-based violence.

The route will start at Horseshoe Common off Old Christchurch Road at 18.30, before finishing at the top of Horseshoe Common at 19.00.

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