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Celebrating your achievements

Gown hire and photography

You must wear a cap, gown and hood in the official AUB colours if you want to cross the stage at your ceremony. You can hire these through our recommended supplier Ede & Ravenscroft.

You can pre-book your photography packages through Ede & Ravenscroft. They'll have an onsite photo studio at Graduation. These sessions take place after your ceremony only.

Friends or family without guest tickets can join you for photos after the ceremony if you’ve purchased them in advance from Ede & Ravenscroft. Groups of up to 6 people (including graduate) can participate in the photos.

Gown hire

Once you receive your invite to register for graduation, you can book your gown, hood and cap. We recommend hiring these directly through Ede & Ravenscroft by the booking deadline.

Costs to book your gown (2023):

Undergraduate (BA) Gown – £45
Postgraduate (MA) Gown – £51

When booking, you'll need to supply your height and head circumference (have a tape measure handy!).

You MUST wear a gown to cross the stage and participate in your graduation ceremony. The gown must be in the official AUB colours.

If you need to cancel your booking, please contact Ede & Ravenscroft directly (or the hire company you booked with). We don't have the ability to do so on your behalf. Please be advised that they have their own cancellation/refund policy in place. Please read these terms when you book your gown hire.

Gown collection

Gown collection will take place in the Ballroom at Bournemouth Pavilion for those gowns hired by Ede and Ravenscroft. Graduands will enter the Ballroom via the external side entrance which will be signposted. Please ensure you arrive no later than 90 minutes prior to the commencement of your ceremony.

There are many graduands to be gowned, so queues will be unavoidable, but arriving early will help. We recommend you arrive at the Ballroom 90 minutes before your ceremony begins. Parents and guests are not permitted to queue with graduands due to lack of space, and instead wait at the front of Bournemouth Pavilion.

Gown return

You'll need to return your gown to Ede & Ravenscroft (if hired from our recommended supplier E&R) at the end of your graduation day, no later than 18.00. Ede & Ravenscroft gown return (and photography) is located at Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW) and will be signposted.


You can book formal, portrait-style photography packages directly through Ede & Ravenscroft. There will be a link and ordering deadline included in your invitation to register for graduation. These photography packages are optional and can be purchased in various packages at different price points. You must purchase these in advance – they are not available on the day.

AUB will have a few event photographers circulating at graduation and the Marquee Reception to capture memorable photos of the day. These photos are taken for promotional purposes and may be used on the AUB website and marketing materials. Some of these are selected and shared with graduates as a courtesy via a photo gallery on the AUB graduation webpage.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that every photo taken at the event will be posted to the photo gallery.

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A theatre full of people in graduation dress, viewed form the back with a stage blurred in the background.


AUB's graduation ceremony is a great time to celebrate your achievements with your family and friends
A large crowd of people, many of them in graduation dress, gather on a beach in front of a pier for a photo.

Graduation FAQs

We've answered some questions you might have about our graduation ceremonies
Two people lift up a person in graduation dress and pose as a photographer takes their photo on a beach.

Costs – planning ahead

Please be aware there are some additional costs associated with participating in Graduation. We appreciate that students are often on...
Students at their graduation celebrating on Bournemouth beach

Guest tickets

Each graduand is entitled to bring a maximum of two guests to attend their ceremony. These guest tickets can be purchased for £25 each...
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Venue and live video stream

Graduation ceremonies will be held at the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre which is in the town centre. A Video live stream will also be...
Three people in graduation dress pose for a photo inside a marquee.

Graduation terms and conditions

Please read this section carefully as your registration and (if applicable) purchase of guest tickets for your graduation ceremony is...
Five people in graduation dress stand on a beach and pose for a photo.

Graduation day

Graduation Day is a milestone event and most guests and graduands choose to wear smart attire to commemorate the importance of the day.
People in graduation dress throw mortar board hats into the air.

Filming and photography

We'll have our in-house photographers circling throughout the event capturing those special moments of your day.
Two people in graduation dress hug.


We've collected photos and videos of the AUB graduation ceremonies from over the years, which are free for you to download and enjoy