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Graduation - Overview

Celebrating your achievements


Your graduation ceremony marks the moment you join our alumni community. We've collected photos and videos of the AUB graduation ceremonies from over the years, which are free for you to download and enjoy.

We’re missing a few, though, so if you have any photos from your Graduation ceremony that you’d like to share with your alumni community, please send them to

Recently Graduated

Good news — as a Graduate, you are automatically part of the AUB Alumni Community.

From the moment your graduation ceremony ends, you’ll become a part of a growing community of artists, performers, organisers, makers and doers that make up the AUB alumni.

We’d really like to keep in touch with you. To ensure we have your most recent email address, you can update your details here.

Please note, if you are a 2018 Graduate, you will be able to update your details from October 2018.

Need a new Graduation Certificate or Transcript?

Whether your certificate was lost, you never received it, or if it’s been damaged — we can help.

Use the information below to order a replacement graduation certificate, or to order a transcript of your marks.

BTEC Certificates and Diplomas issued by EdExcel (now Pearson)
You can order a replacement certificate.

Foundation Certificates and Diplomas issued by UAL
You can order a replacement certificate.

Higher Education qualifications – Foundation degree, BA or MA
If you graduated up to and including July 2009, your award was validated and issued by the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. You can order a replacement certificate.

If you graduated from August 2009 onwards, your award was validated and issued by AUB. You can order a replacement certificate.

If you graduated in 2010 and chose to have your award issued by UCA rather than AUB, you can order a replacement certificate.

Ordering transcripts
If you graduated in 2015 or afterwards, your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is available to access from Gradintel. In order to access this, you must activate your user account. You will have received an email with guidance on this soon after you graduated from AUB.

If you’re having trouble remembering your password for GradIntel, please contact them directly.

Please contact us by emailing for the following enquiries:

  • If your results in GradIntel are incorrect
  • If you would like to amend your achievements in Section 6.1 of the HEAR
  • If you are an employer with a query about the HEAR
  • If your query isn’t covered in the above

You can also take a look at our frequently asked questions page here.

If you graduated prior to 2015, then you can request a copy of your transcript to be provided by email free of charge, or a printed copy to be supplied by post at a cost of £10.

To request a free email copy please send an email to, stating your name at the time you were studying, your date of birth, the year you graduated and the award you achieved.

Please use this link to order a printed copy of your transcript to be supplied by post.

If you have any questions about your certificate, transcript or your HEAR, please email and we will be happy to help.

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AUB's graduation ceremony is a great time to celebrate your achievements with your family and friends