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Celebrating your achievements

Before graduation – what you need to do

Due to graduate this year?

We hope that this step-by-step guide will help you navigate the graduation process – what happens when and what you need to do before your graduation ceremony in July.

  • This is how we will contact you about Graduation

  • It'll include the links to the registration site, recommended gown hire booking site and photography package booking site and deadline
  • It'll specify your graduate ceremony date and time
  • If you don't receive the invite by 20 March, please email us at

  • Register for Graduation – You must register to let us know whether you plan to attend your graduation ceremony
  • Registration opens in March
  • There's no cost for graduands to attend the Graduation Ceremony
  • Buy up to two guest tickets when you register (optional)
  • Even if you don’t intend to buy guest tickets, you must complete your registration to ensure your place at the ceremony if you wish to participate.
  • As a graduand participating in Graduation you'll also receive a complimentary ticket for you to attend the post-ceremony Beach Marquee Reception.
  • Your results will be released after the registration deadline, so we recommend that you register as soon as booking opens to secure your spot.

During the registration process, you will be asked for the phonetic spelling of your name. In order that your name is read properly at the Graduation Ceremony, it is important that we know the correct pronunciation. Although the pronunciation of many names is obvious, some require special attention. If your name is one that is pronounced in a particular way, please use the guidance below to ensure we have the correct way and add this when requested on the registration form.

Your name will be pronounced phonetically. Phonetic pronunciation of your first and last names is saying them as they sound, not as they are written.

Here is an example:

Jamie Sanderson (Jay-me Sand-er-son)

How to write the phonetic spelling of your name at registration

Follow the steps below:
Step One.
Break up your name into its parts/syllables

  • For example, Wolf gang Am a de us Mo zart

Step Two
Show where the name is stressed, using capital letters, and put a hyphen where needed.

  • For example, WOLF - gang Am - a - DE - us MO zart

Step Three
Finally, guide us to the best pronunciation. If your name is very similar to or rhymes with familiar words, you could tell us what these are. Or you can write how it sounds.

  • For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would write “VOOLF-gang Am-a-DE-us MOT-sart”

  • You must wear a cap, gown and hood in the official AUB colours if you want to cross the stage at your ceremony. You can hire these through our recommended supplier Ede & Ravenscroft. Have a tape measure handy to measure the circumference of your head/height.

  • You can pre-book your photography packages through Ede & Ravenscroft. They'll have an onsite photo studio at Graduation. These sessions take place after your ceremony only.

  • Find out about accessibility options available for graduands and guests, including accessible parking, toilets, stairs and lifts, etc if this is applicable to you.
  • When you register online for Graduation, there'll be options in the form to notify us of any accessibility requirements or other special considerations you or your guests may have.

  • You'll not be able to graduate if you have a tuition fee debt, unpaid library fees or any other outstanding University fee debts. These must be cleared before your ceremony.

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