With a history spanning over 50 years, Bournemouth Film School™ (BFS) sits at the heart of AUB, setting the standard for turning creativity into careers.

By reflecting the collaborative nature of the film industry, where different disciplines come together to create amazing work, we’ve created an environment where students produce award-winning films and go on to become some of the industry’s biggest names.

work in a unique environment

It takes many disciplines to make a film, and Bournemouth Film School™ is home to all of them. With nine main programmes, we make up the largest film school outside of London.

Many film schools can offer the opportunity to specialise and form production teams, but we forge collaborations like no other. BFS productions don’t just contain the work of Film Production, Visual Effects and Animation students. With Costume and Performance Design, Make-up for Media and Performance, and a whole host of other creative courses on the same campus, a full compliment of the creative industries makes for a truly unique filmmaking experience.

create with great equipment

Nothing is more important to industry professionals than technical know-how and the ability to fit into a complex working environment. Renowned Cinematographer, Oswald Morris OBE, once said: “Bournemouth Film School graduates are able to walk onto a set or production and not trip over the wires.” And with industry-standard equipment used in every production, it’s not hard to see why.

Shooting on ARRI Alexa and SRII Super 16mm cameras, animating on Wacom Cintiq Workstation monitors and editing using a full Avid suite is the every day here, leaving BFS graduates ready for everyday in the industry.

Recognising that there’s more than great technology behind a great film, we teach animators how to draw first and animate second. Filmmakers are well practised in the art of shooting with traditional film, too.

graduate with more than a degree

Graduate films are the calling card for the next generation of filmmakers and animators. Every graduate of BFS leaves with one that they have contributed to. Many of them leave with awards, too.

BFS students are regular winners at both the Kodak and Royal Television Society Student awards with their graduate films, and go on to screen them at film festivals across the world.

share an education with the world’s best

From Oscar-winning screenwriters to the artists behind one of the highest-grossing animation franchises of all time, we’ve helped kick-start the careers of some of the film and animation industry’s finest.

Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire, The Full Monty), Dean Roberts (Gnomeo and Juliet), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced), Colin White (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), and Andrew Grisdale (Toy Story 3) all started here.

Our graduates don’t wait for years to make blockbuster films, either. In 2014, ten BFS graduates picked up their degrees and started work on BAFTA and Oscar award-winning Gravity, thanks to a unique partnership with Framestore.


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