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Student Support - Disabled Students
Student Support

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Information for DSA Needs Assessors

We anticipate that needs assessors will make contact with the University in respect of students for whom they are preparing a needs assessment.

Please contact Student Services on 01202 363780 or email

DSA Needs Assessments

When completing DSA Needs Assessments for our students, please ensure that all assessment reports include the following information:

Arts University Bournemouth Student Services can provide support to enable [student name] to manage the effects of [his/her] disability / mental health difficulties / specific learning difficulties in conjunction with managing [his/her] study workload. [student name] is advised to contact Student Services for advice and support.

[student name] is advised to access any course materials made available via the University MyAUB student portal.

Student Services offer one-to-one tutorials to help students develop their independent study skills. [student name] is advised to contact the Study Skills tutors to arrange tutorials, and to plan tutorials into their study deadlines.

Workshops to help students develop their study and writing skills are held regularly through the year on the AUB campus. Full details are available from Student Services.

[student name] may find it helpful to record lectures and other taught sessions. [student name] is advised that the use of a recording device is subject to the following terms:

“Students who wish to make use of recording equipment to assist with note-taking are reminded that the content of a lecture or other taught session remains the intellectual property of the person delivering it, and the recording must be used only for a disabled student’s personal study. Any recording must not be shared or reproduced (other than for transcription purposes), broadcast, published or misused in any way. Students should seek permission from those who are being recorded and confirm upon request how any recordings will be stored and deleted” (AUB Disability Support Policy).

[student name] is advised that at the Arts University Bournemouth there is no automatic extension to assignment deadlines on the grounds of a disability / mental health difficulties / specific learning difficulties. Should [student name] feel that, due to particular or exceptional circumstances, an extension is needed, [he/she] should approach [his / her] course leader, who is able to grant an extension of up to one week (5 days). If [student name] considers that a longer extension is needed, [he /she] should apply for mitigation. Details of the mitigation policy are included in the HE student regulations; the full policy and a form are available from the “Things to know” section of the Viewpoint pages of MyAUB.

[student name] is not required to sit formal examinations as part of their course. However, it is recommended that [he/she] be permitted [x%] additional time in any time-limited class tests, if applicable to [his / her] course of study.

Please be aware that car parking on campus is only available to students who are blue badge holders and that there are no exceptions to this policy. Find more information and how to apply for a blue badge here.

The recommendations in this report are suggestions only and can only be implemented with the approval of and within the policies and procedures of, the Arts University Bournemouth. The AUB Disability Support policy, available from Student Services, outlines the University provision to students with specific learning difficulties and disabilities.

Non-medical helper support at AUB

AUB is no longer registered to provide DSA NMH mentoring support. Please send Needs Assessment Reports and/or any questions regarding support to

AUB is no longer a registered provider of specialist 1-1 study skills support for students with SpLD. A generic study skills service is available to all AUB students, including those with SpLD.

Please note that alternative support workers (e.g. BSL interpreters) can be arranged.

Please contact Student Services to discuss individual requirements and associated costs.

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