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Updated: Thursday 11 March 2021

The AUB campus is now open from 09.00-21.00 daily, including technical workshops, bookable study and studio spaces, the University Library, catering outlets and social spaces.

From Monday 19 July, and for the following two weeks, there'll be no changes to AUB’s Covid-19 measures. Face coverings in indoor areas (unless medically exempt), physical distancing and capacity limits in certain areas will remain in place. Hand sanitiser stations can be found across the campus and should be used regularly.

Anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms should follow Government advice and self-isolate, book a PCR test and should not attend AUB campus.

AUB has released a new No Disadvantage Plan (NDP) to support students over the Spring Term. You can read more below.

No Disadvantage Plan

All of our students have received a copy of our No Disadvantage Plan, which is a general document that summarises how we will be flexible in enabling students to meet their course learning outcomes and how we will assess all work fairly – we're calling this our commitment to Maximum Fairness and Maximum Flexibility.

The ways in which the plan ensures this will differ according to course, so do expect to see the plan being followed by specific guidance from your Course Team according to your course and cohort level.

  • Academic Delivery – maintain your quality of learning: we'll maintain the quality of your learning through online, blended and, as soon as the government allows us to do so, we'll resume face-to-face activities.
  • Protect your access to on-campus learning: we're revising and extending the academic calendar, term-dates and holiday periods to maximise your access to technical workshops, library, and studios.
  • Assessment and standards – prioritise assessments, deadlines and events: we’ll aim to open access for all, prioritising access for those who have major final assessments, graduation events and professional deadlines.
  • Support student health and wellbeing: we’ve committed additional resources to meet your needs in mental health and wellbeing, and we’ll maintain an accessible programme of on-campus COVID testing.
  • Student Halls and rents: we've delayed collection of the second instalment of rent payments within the university's accommodation and we're now able to offer a discount on AUB Accommodation contracts.
  • Above all we’ll aim to make making possible: we're working with Government guidance to safely maximise access for students for the remainder of this academic year.

Health and wellbeing

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, do not visit the university campus. You should request a COVID test, isolate for the required period, and report your absence to

There are also a number of local support services that you can use:


We've listened to the student voice expressed through the Students' Union, and to make things easier, we have provided a generous rent discount to all students in the university's accommodation.

Private halls of residence are also offering rebates and AUB are offering support for students in private rented housing via the Private Rented Housing Support Fund.

If you are returning to live in halls of residence, please be sure to contact your halls team to book an arrivals slot. This will ensure that all the measures that are in place to support and keep you safe as you return.

You can contact our Student Advice Team for more information via or call 01202 363780 to speak with an Adviser

Careers and Employability

A series of Careers and Employment events are being develop for being roll out across the university; from a new series of our popular Huddle events with top creative industry professionals, to our upcoming Creative Futures Fest, featuring an extensive roster of speakers from such institutions as CNN, Screen Skills and The Daily Telegraph.

In terms of our ongoing commitment to support student wellbeing, our Student Services team continue to offer a comprehensive range of specialist support services. In direct response to the pandemic, the team have recruited additional wellbeing staff, with study skills tutors hosting twice-weekly drop-in 'Coffee/Q&A' sessions, offering study advice and a chance to catch up with other students.

AUB English for Academic Purposes (EAP) tutors will also be hosting the 'Speakeasy'; a space where AUB students can come together, socialise and chat. Themed discussions are friendly, relaxed and informal, and will help students get to grips with useful language and phrases.

If you'd like to explore the range of support available, please visit the team's page at, or get in touch directly via email at or by phone on 01202 363780. The team are waiting to hear from you.

International Students

The university is constantly reviewing travel restrictions that may impact international students returning to the UK and has the most up-to-date information to share with students considering their travel options.

We understand that students may be unable to return to campus, even though campus is open. Students are asked to reach out to their Course Teams once they know when they can return, so academic work can be supported appropriately.

During the intervening time, we would like International students to get in touch with our International Team via email at, so that we can hear more about your individual circumstances and discuss how we can help

AUB Campus

Advice for travel to the UK

Here you'll find helpful information about planning your travel to the UK

International student using a light box

Covid Vaccine FAQ for International students

NHS England COVID-19 vaccination FAQs: International students in Higher Education Institutions.

We've seen a small number of cases within our university community, both in private residences and in university accommodation. Our community consists of 3,800 students and around 800 members of full-time, part-time and visiting staff.

Figures in the table below are compiled from students who either report their positive test to or identify themselves as AUB students and report to Public Health Dorset, and are updated weekly every Friday. This number may include staff and students across a variety of locations, including those not attending or visiting the university campus.

Public Health Dorset, our local health authority, has been providing localised updates regarding the number of new cases within the BCP conurbation area, including COVID-19 figures provided by AUB, and we continue to be informed with their latest guidance.

We've also been working with a number of local and regional partners, including BCP Council and Public Health England, as well as neighbouring universities Bournemouth University and AECC University College to plan and coordinate our response.

7-day cumulative total (confirmed positive COVID-19 cases)

AUB Student AUB Staff



The university is not currently experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak (designated by Public Health England as several connected positive cases of COVID-19) and AUB cases have not been seen in specific areas, levels of study or cohorts.

COVID-19 reporting and Government guidance

While we expect all of our community to follow Covid guidance both locally and on campus, we would like to remind all students that failure to follow the appropriate COVID-19 Government guidance could result in students being investigated under the Student Disciplinary Policy.

Guidance is in place to keep all members of our community safe, and must be followed at all times.

The Government has introduced a number of penalties for those that do not follow guidance for self-isolation, including fines of up to £10,000.

AUB is able to investigate further any matter that is subject to police investigation and issue penalties as a result, including suspension of and complete exclusion from studies at AUB.

If you are unsure, or would like to raise a concern or enquiry regarding AUB's COVID-19 guidelines, please email and a member of our team will come back to you.

Points of Contact

COVID Contact

COVID-19 email inbox, managed by our Student Services team, is for students to share COVID related concerns or enquiries

Academic Year 20 21 icons schools

Schools and Course Teams

For study-related updates, information and advice, contact your Course Teams via myAUB or email your Course Leader directly.

Academic Year 20 21 icons studentservices

Student Services

Any questions about accommodation, funding, access to student support services or life at AUB

Academic Year 20 21 icons studentrecords

Student Records

Help with online enrolment, including documentation needed, student finance and loans and assessment, retakes and resits

Academic Year 20 21 icons admissions

Admissions Office

Guidance on application processes, entry requirements, clearing, fee assessment and status, welcome guides and arrivals and more

Academic Year 20 21 icons income

Finance Team

Questions regarding payments or refunds, get in touch with our Finance team.

Academic Year 20 21 icons international

International Office

For information about Visas, English Language Support and Arrivals/Orientation for International students

Academic Year 20 21 icons servicedesk

Service Desk

For any queries, concerns or issues setting up AUB student accounts, such as logins and emails and including the myAUB app

Academic Year 20 21 icons AUBSU


Information about Freshers’ Week, events and activities

Academic Year 20 21 icons travel


Key information on travel to the AUB campus and within the local area

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads AUB's COVID-19 response?

The university's COVID-19 response is led by Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Gough, in consultation with all departments across the university, including our Campus Services, Finance, Admissions, Marketing, International and Registry teams.

AUB's approach is fully compliant and developed in line with Government guidance, and we maintain consistent and regular communications with other local organisations including neighbouring universities, Public Health Dorset and the National Institute for Health Protection. We continue to work with Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP) to develop our operational plans as well as how we can protect the community in which we are based.

Students will be kept informed and updated via our regular Student Information Update correspondence, as well as through Course Leaders, Technicians and administrative staff and updates through the university's online learning environment and intranet.

Further queries can be put to any of our departmental teams using the channels at the bottom of this page.

I think I might have COVID-19 symptoms, what should I do?

COVID-19 symptoms are described as:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you, or a member of your household has any of these symptoms, you must notify the university via our COVID-19 reporting address at, and you should take an NHS COVID-19 test as soon as possible.

Both you and members of your household must isolate until you receive a result. These tests are free, and you should receive a result within 48-72 hours. You must not attend public places or the university while awaiting a result.

If you test positive, don't worry, the university will support you via our Student Services team, available by email at or phone on 01202 363780. This result means that you and all members of your household or support bubble must self-isolate to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You should order food and supplies online and should not leave your accommodation.

If you test negative, you should continue to observe social distancing guidance and wear a face covering in all environments where necessary.

More information is available at

What's defined as a contact under COVID-19 guidance?

A ‘contact’ is a person who has been close to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 anytime from 2 days before the person was symptomatic up to 10 days from onset of symptoms (this is when they are infectious to others). For example, a contact can be:

  • people who spend significant time in the same household as a person who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • sexual partners
  • a person who has had face-to-face contact (within one metre), with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, including:
    • being coughed on
    • having a face-to-face conversation within one metre
    • having skin-to-skin physical contact, or
    • contact within one metre for one minute or longer without face-to-face contact
  • a person who has been within 2 metres of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 for more than 15 minutes
  • a person who has travelled in a small vehicle with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or in a large vehicle or plane near someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

What measures are in place to ensure the campus is safe?

We’ve continually been following UK Government guidance to make our campus as safe as possible. As well as conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, we have plans in place to respond to COVID-19 incidents and local outbreaks.

When on campus, you’ll be made aware of our 2m physical distancing guidance. For activities and spaces which won’t allow for this, additional measures will be in place to support reduced distancing safely, such as the use of protective screens and ‘keep left' and one-way routes in designated areas.

You’ll spot our clear signage across all campus areas, and you’ll also find hygiene stations throughout. We’ve reviewed our campus cleaning regime too in order to ensure that areas are cleaned to the required standards.

Staff, students and visitors are asked to wear face coverings in all indoor areas on campus, unless medically exempt.

Will teaching be on campus or online?

Recent Government direction has enabled us to recommence on campus teaching. We will still be using a blended approach where possible in order to maintain campus safety and appropriate numbers on site.

We continue to ask all students to take part in University COVID-19 testing upon their return (after any required self isolation periods). More information on testing is available at

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing (for students without coronavirus symptoms) is still available via our shared testing facility on Talbot Campus - read more here. You can book a test slot through our booking system via eVision on MyAUB.

Will term be paused if lockdown does continue?

Since the start of the Pandemic, AUB has implemented a blended approach for all university teaching and learning, which has seen significant investment and development put into our online teaching environments. This approach has enabled us to deliver the same learning, although it has been delivered in different ways.

However, we recognise that many students will have chosen to study at AUB in order to access our world class facilities, and our emphasis on workshop and practical making. We’ve developed our No Disadvantage Plan (NDP) to ensure that students are supported across the entire academic year, and that they are able to access our facilities as soon as we are able to reopen our campus.

At this stage, we’re not planning to pause the term, but to provide greater access, we’re considering options such as extended evening and weekend opening, and an extension of the academic year; and for continuing students, we’ll also consider additional access weeks before the start of next academic year, according to need.

Last year, our No Disadvantage Plan ensured that students were able to use our facilities once lockdown restrictions were lifted, and you will read in the plan of our commitment to make making possible for all students as we continue into the year ahead.

Is there a possibility of AUB extending the academic year? If so, how would that work?

The university will be guided by the latest Government guidance and advice and we’re continually reviewing the situation and how this impacts our students, staff and university. Alongside all other planning, we’ve been looking at how we will be able to ensure that all of our students access the resources, facilities and on campus provisions necessary to complete their studies.

Decisions made to alter our existing academic year or term dates will take into consideration any impact on student accommodation and will be fully detailed ahead of any changes. The intention would be to provide additional access opportunities, especially so that students can make work for assessment, but also to enable work to be completed for a portfolio. We cannot make a final decision about this until we know when students are lawfully able to return to campus.

How would an extended term affect graduation?

Our Graduation event is incredibly important to us, and we continue to do all that we can to plan an in-person ceremony for our 2020 & 2021 graduating cohorts, regardless of our teaching and learning plans for this academic year.

The nature and course of the pandemic remains difficult to predict, and Government guidance continues to alter accordingly. This means that while we remain optimistic for an event from 20-22 July 2021, but we must still be entirely flexible in our approach towards any large-scale in-person events.

The safety and wellbeing of our community is our top priority, and any decisions around AUB events will be made with this in mind. Up to date information can be found at

Will deadlines be changed to reflect the situation?

If any university deadlines are altered, we’ll communicate with all students to advise them on how these changes affect their studies. Any extension to the academic year, for instance, would include an assessment deadline extension.

Individual students are able to request extensions for their assessments via their Course Teams – we realise that the current situation affects each individual differently, and there are a range of academic and wellbeing services available to students to support them.

How will the current situation be considered when our work is being marked?

Our No Disadvantage Plan has been designed to ensure that the assessment of your work is fair and aligned to national standards. Our key principles are Maximum Fairness: Maximum Flexibility, and this extends to coursework and assessments.

We’ll be flexible in the work you are required to submit for assessment; and we’ll be fair to all students in considering possible extensions based on access, or any particular personal circumstances.

If they have particular issues, students should speak to either their Course Team or Student Services as soon as they can. Course Teams are able to grant extensions and explore more options with students requiring additional support.

Will students be given a chance to come back and use facilities to do portfolio work?

Our No Disadvantage Plan has been designed to support all students and their learning. This may include additional access to university facilities, or access being permitted later on in the academic year.

Any additional access provision will be made available at course level, and students will be notified by Course Teams once this is finalised.

How does AUB ensure that its standards around teaching and learning are maintained over virtual learning environments?

AUB is operating in full compliance with Government guidance on campus access and continues to offer a high-class teaching experience.

We’ve extensively invested in additional virtual and digital technologies in order to maintain these standards across online environments and we’ve launched our No Disadvantage Plan in order to ensure that all students are properly supported and enabled to learn during the pandemic; and that their degree maintains its value. Students who are struggling to access online teaching should let their course team know immediately.

We recognise the need for access to our specialist facilities, and we’ve approached the Government directly and via sector partners like Guild HE and UKADIA to highlight the challenging circumstances faced by arts-based institutions and courses. We endeavour to welcome students back to our campus and facilities as soon as it is legally possible to do. AUB will continue to monitor this situation as we acknowledge that practical making forms a central part of many of our courses, and we’ve made a commitment to enable this to take place.

AUB has also always made students aware of the option to intermit their studies, and this option is available at any point during the course of their studies at AUB should students wish to consider it.

Can we see a full cost breakdown of where our tuition fees go?

A full breakdown of how university fees are apportioned can be seen here, and you can read more about our fees on AUB’s website at

How does AUB guarantee value throughout its teaching and student experience?

In line with Government guidance, AUB’s moved its teaching and support services to online environments until further notice. Students are able to continue their learning and assessment online, and we anticipate that all students will be able to complete their academic year as originally planned.

We’re confident that we’re providing the same learning, and that all students are developing the same graduate skills, as in previous years. It’s of paramount importance to us that your degree maintains its value, and that it will hold this value over time – that your learning, and the knowledge and skills you develop, are those required by employers, and will equip you for your future career, whatever that may be. We continue to work with key partners across the sector to ensure that we are at the forefront of good practice in digital learning.

We know, of course, that the teaching is different, and that many students will have chosen to come to AUB because of our outstanding facilities, and that the current lockdown means that access to our facilities has been restricted, in line with Government guidance. We’ve been assured that arts-based subjects will be among the first to recommence on-campus teaching, and we’ll maximise your access as soon as it is legally possible to do so.

AUB has always made all students aware of the option to intermit their studies, and this option is available at any point during the course of their studies at AUB should students wish to consider it.

Will AUB be supporting students in seeking refunds/reductions? Will they be lobbying the government for this on behalf of students?

Our Vice Chancellor has addressed Universities Minister Michelle Donelan MP directly regarding the situation facing arts-based universities, and we're working with key partners including Guild HE and UKADIA to outline these concerns and represent the views of our student and staff bodies.

For those who pay AUB directly, including international students, will AUB be providing refunds or discounts?

AUB has put a number of measures in place in order to support all students impacted by recent national guidance and the closure of university campuses, in line with Government guidance. Our Professional Services, International and Course Teams are working hard to support all of our students, and we continue to review the situation according to FCDO advice and guidance.

We’re confident that the quality of learning opportunities available to all students remains unaffected, and that you’re gaining the same graduate skills as in any other year, although these are being delivered by other means. We’ve also taken steps to ensure that our academic standards are maintained and are secure.

Significant financial and resourcing investments have been made to ensure that digital and virtual online teaching environments are entirely effective to maintain the university’s high standards, and our Course Teams are working tirelessly to support and underpin this temporary teaching pedagogy.

As soon as we’re able, we look forward to welcoming students back to our campus, and our No Disadvantage Plan will ensure Maximum Fairness: Maximum Flexibility in order to provide ample access to AUB workshops, equipment and facilities as soon as we’re legally able to do so.

What financial support can students access? This includes for extra equipment, increased costs of being at home, financial issues due to being unable to work, etc.

All students are able to apply for Hardship Funding via MyAUB or through discussion with our Student Services Team. This provision is in place to ensure that necessities essential to support students in the event of unexpected hardship are available to all students, and applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

AUB has also been allocated additional funding from the UK Government, with a one-off payment of £87,068.00 for the financial year 2020-21.

This funding will be prioritised to support students whose financial hardship relates to accommodation. Support has already been provided to students with accommodation contracts for rooms in AUB Halls of Residence, and private halls of residence providers are currently offering rebates. Therefore, the focus for this fund is students who have an accommodation contract for private student housing. Eligible students can apply for a one-off payment to assist with their rent.

All applications need to be received by 17.00 on Friday 12 March. We'll allocate the funds equally amongst all eligible applicants. Allocations will be made and students will be notified by Friday 26 March. Payments will be made shortly after that.

You can apply via the Funding Tile on your MyAUB portal. Please select the 'CV-19 Private Rented Housing Support Fund' option and follow the instructions.

To apply, you must be engaging with your course at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and you'll need to provide a copy of your 2020/21 formal tenancy agreement. You don't need to be currently residing in this housing to apply for funding.

What is AUB doing to support student wellbeing, both during term time and holidays?

AUB has consistently and significantly invested in its wellbeing provision, with the highest proportion of university staff trained as Mental Health First Aiders in the country and has allocated additional resources to support student wellbeing in response to the pandemic.

Additional funding has enhanced our counselling and advice services, with a specialist team continuing to support students with a wide range of issues. Our team remains fully staffed and operational across virtual environments and will recommence an on-campus service as soon as it is possible to do so.

Counselling and wellbeing services are available Monday – Friday throughout the year, with the exception of bank holidays and university closure days. The teams can refer to a wide range of community services for additional support.

What support will AUB be giving to students to ensure they have all the relevant practical skills needed in industry when they graduate?

Practical making skills underpin many of our courses, and the university is entirely aware of how national lockdowns have affected access to these important resources, whilst also recognising that many creative industries have also changed the way they operate in response to the pandemic.

We’ll be prioritising access to these facilities as soon as we are legally able to do so. We’ll also be looking at how we can continue to provide access around our existing teaching in order to maximise the amount of time our students will be able to spend regaining this valuable upskilling.

How will AUB support students who have been unable to access campus resources (e.g. the library, specialist equipment, studios, etc) to complete work?

The Government's 'Roadmap out of Lockdown' announcement on Monday 22 February confirmed that Universities can soon resume in-person teaching and learning for students who are studying practical or practice-based subjects (including creative arts).

This means that from 8 March, AUB will be reopening our campus for some teaching and access to facilities, and we will prioritise course-by-course and level-by-level access in a similar way to the autumn term. Each course has different requirements and practice, so the course teams will determine the mixture of campus access and online activity.

How will AUB be supporting students who do not have the ability to complete work at home to the standard of other students, e.g. due to living situation, finances, work commitments, caring responsibilities?

Requests for additional teaching or learning support are currently being facilitated and managed by our Course Teams, who have access to a range of resources to help students who are experiencing particular difficulties or circumstances that may affect their learning.

Students are also able to apply for Hardship Funding via MyAUB in order to help manage unexpected living expenses, and access to essential equipment, like laptops, can be arranged via our Digital Hardship fund. There is no restriction on who can apply for hardship funding.

Coursework submission extensions and mitigating circumstances can also be taken into consideration, whatever the reason for them, and these should be discussed directly with Course Teams.

How will AUB be supporting students with accessing learning resources and materials (e.g. cameras, specialist equipment, fabric, etc) while studying from home?

Specialist resourcing is decided on a course-by-course basis depending on viability and unit-based needs. Several courses have, for example, reallocated units necessitating the use of specialist equipment and resources towards the latter part of the year, in line with our expectation that arts-based universities and courses will be among the first to return to campuses.

We’ve heavily invested in software like Citrix to enable remote access to specialist advanced technology, which is suitable for some courses. Other courses have sent out materials packs to students to enable them to undertake work remotely.

We do understand that some resources and equipment are only available via our campus. As described in our No Disadvantage Plan, we’ll be working tirelessly to ensure that this provision is accessed for all students as soon as possible.

Students do not feel employers will be lenient towards them due to the current circumstances: what support will AUB be providing to ensure students feel properly equipped to seek employment post-graduation?

AUB has always been recognised as an institution that recognises, encourages and promotes entrepreneurial skill and talent, and aside from the pandemic, we have always proactively developed university events and teaching aligned to these principles.

Research consistently reports that the skills employers value most highly are advanced problem-solving, excellent communication, collaborative skills, and innovation and creativity. As with previous cohorts, AUB graduates in 2021 will have all of these skills and will be well-placed in the jobs and careers market.

This year, the university’s planned several employability events featuring high quality professional speakers drawn from across the creative industries. Full detail on our upcoming employability events, planned by our university marketing and employability teams, will be available on the AUB website and through the AUB Advantage Career Hub.

How will international students, disabled students, and those shielding be supported to complete their work if they cannot return to campus as soon as others?

Our Senior Disability Officer, based within our Student Services Team, is able to offer support, and will consider how reasonable adjustments can be made on an individual basis, tailored to each student’s specific circumstances.

Students who are not able to return to campus and wish to discuss how best to complete their work, should first talk to their Course Champion, who will do everything they can to support student work.

Our international team will also be able to help students with any specific concerns and will provide additional support.

Students have been very unfairly portrayed in the media: is AUB doing anything to help combat this perception?

AUB prides itself on its outstanding student body, who demonstrate exemplary behaviour, commitment and citizenship throughout their studies and time with us.

In recent months, a number of news stories have sought to unfairly discriminate against members of student populations, who are to a large degree entirely compliant and understanding of national measures put in place to tackle COVID-19.

We believe that there should be no need to respond directly to this unjust representation, as our students’ skills, talents and contributions to the local community entirely demonstrate the positive and responsible role that students play in shaping an environment rich with innovation, vibrancy and creativity.

We continue to express our overwhelming admiration for all students working in spite of the pandemic’s challenging circumstances and we’re committed to helping forge the next generation of creative minds, entrepreneurs and artists.

How will AUB be supporting those in private rented accommodation?

AUB has been allocated additional funding from the UK Government, with a one-off payment of £87,068.00 for the financial year 2020-21.

This funding will be prioritised to support students whose financial hardship relates to accommodation. Support has already been provided to students with accommodation contracts for rooms in AUB Halls of Residence, and private halls of residence providers are currently offering rebates. Therefore, the focus for this fund is students who have an accommodation contract for private student housing. Eligible students can apply for a one-off payment to assist with their rent.

All applications need to be received by 17.00 on Friday 12 March. We'll allocate the funds equally amongst all eligible applicants. Allocations will be made and students will be notified by Friday 26 March. Payments will be made shortly after that.

You can apply via the Funding Tile on your MyAUB portal. Please select the 'CV-19 Private Rented Housing Support Fund' option and follow the instructions.

To apply, you must be engaging with your course at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and you'll need to provide a copy of your 2020/21 formal tenancy agreement. You don't need to be currently residing in this housing to apply for funding.

Will AUB be supporting students (particularly those in private rented) in seeking rent rebates/ reductions?

While universities cannot intervene in discussions between individuals, AUB welcomes positive outcomes between tenants and landlords, and is fully supportive of students who are seeking to discuss their tenancies with landlords in the light of the pandemic.

Our Private Rented Student Housing Support Fund, outlined in the above FAQ, has also been put in place to support AUB students in private rented student accommodation.

AUB Students’ Union, AUBSU, has also worked with partners to co-author a template letter that students can issue to landlords in order to begin discussions.

What support will be provided for students who have been unable to access their accommodation, either this term or for the whole year?

Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, AUB regularly reviews its policy on university-managed accommodation and will be putting in place measures to ensure that students are not paying for accommodation that they aren’t using.

We’ll be keeping all students updated on how university-managed rent is charged, and how, if applicable, rebates or discounts are introduced.

If the term is extended, will accommodation or other support be provided for students who want to access facilities but whose contracts run out before this time?

If the university decides to extend the term, we’ll be looking at how we support all students who’ll have additional requirement as a result.

It is, however, unlikely that any university term extension will continue beyond the length of ordinary tenancy periods agreed between students and landlords, but we will work to ensure that all students are able to take advantage of this additional learning time.

How will AUB look to ensure further support for International Students, particularly for those not currently able to study in the UK?

The university is constantly reviewing travel restrictions that may impact international students returning to the UK and has the most up-to-date information to share with students considering their travel options. The International Team will be able to help students with any advice.

We understand that students may be unable to return when the campus first opens, and students are asked to speak to their Course Champions once they know when they can return, so academic work can continue and be supported appropriately.

How will students who cannot get back into the UK due to travel restrictions be supported?

We realise that a number of our students are studying and/or living abroad during this time, and some may be unable to travel due to measures in place here in the UK or abroad.

Additional access weeks, which we’re planning for continuing students at the start of next academic year, will give students the opportunity to access the campus before progressing to the next level of study.

Our International Team are here to help, and we’d like to hear more about your individual circumstances so that we can make sure you’re being supported by the right people at AUB. Please get in touch via email at

I'm an international student, what about my immigration/visa status?

If you believe the status of your visa application, and therefore your travel arrangements, will be disrupted by COVID-19, please contact our International Office who will be able to assist you.

For more information about visa requirements, please read the information on our visa and immigration page. If you have any visa questions, please email our Student Experience Officer.

What's available to me if I need to isolate while at a term time address?

For students who will be required to quarantine on arrival in the UK, and for those who must self-isolate at any point throughout the year, there will be limited supplies of essential items in our university halls accommodation.

Students living in private accommodation within the local community will be able to receive the same supply of essential living items if required via our Student Services.

All students in halls who are in quarantine or self-isolating will have the option to order groceries online for delivery. Those who may not have an appropriate bank account set up in order to do this, there will be the option to purchase ASDA supermarket gift cards. These cards are prepaid by AUB and can be used for online shopping at ASDA, one of the UK’s biggest supermarket retailers. The cost will be deducted from your halls deposit.

If you have any questions, please contact our Student Advice team on

Our Student Experience Officer is also on hand to assist. They can be contacted on

What happens if my travel plans are affected by Covid-19 measures?

We are continually monitoring the latest Public Health England and Government Advice about the situation. If you are returning from overseas to the UK, you will need to follow all guidance related to arriving back in the UK.

Students are able to travel to their university areas to resume studies.

If you need to self-isolate on arrival in the UK, you should follow UK government advice, and you should inform your Course Team as you begin isolation.

If you are unable to travel to the UK in time for the start of term, or may be delayed in doing so as a result of Covid-19, please contact your Course Team who will be able to advise you on how you can continue your studies remotely.

If you have any questions please contact our Student Services team on Our International Team are also on hand to assist. They can be contacted via

Where can I find more information and who can I contact?

We have an experienced International team who are on hand to advise and support you during your time at AUB. If you have any questions or need more information, please do contact our Student Experience Officer, available through the contact details below, who will be happy to help you.

International Office
+44 (0) 01202 363233

Student Experience Officer
+44 (0) 1202 363713