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Our Campus

This is AUB. A place to shape and build your work; to learn, share, provoke and collaborate.

School Workshops

We believe that learning does not just take place in the classroom, it happens everywhere.

That’s why we offer a diverse program of TheGallery free-of-charge activities for schools that offer young people the unique opportunity to engage with original artworks. This is a unique opportunity for schools, with activities ranging from exhibition workshops, talks and tours.

We have a range of activities for students to get involved with. New workshop dates and further information about our current and upcoming exhibitions held in will be held on theGallery page. To book a workshop or to find out more information, please email

Exclusionary art practice specifically designed to match a current show and the artist’s technique.

TheGallery space is always available as a study platform, where students can come by and independently engage with the exhibition, choose their favourite artefact and maybe even try to draw it themselves!

Take a look at what students get up to

Booking Information

Our school workshops are led by Associate Lecturers from the Arts University Bournemouth, who are specialized in a variety of fields in art, media and design. Class sizes are no more than 20 students per group and workshops usually last two hours. All materials are provided.

Please email or call 01202 363016 for more details and to inquire about our availability. When contacting please ensure you provide us with the following information:

  • Range of dates for your visit.
  • School address, telephone number and email address.
  • Group size and age of pupils.
  • If you would also like a workshop at MoDiP.
  • If you’ll need a parking space.

We offer a huge range of opportunities to a variety of different schools and colleges such as campus tours, open days, and Saturday Art School.

Five reasons why students need art in their curriculum

Creativity: Despite qualifying in a certain field, creative thinkers rise in any industries as the most valuable assets in a team. Studying arts encourages and trains students to always seek for fresh ideas, innovative problem-solving solutions and progress.

Collaboration: Team effort is crucial to complete tasks at any job. By working on art projects, students learn essential teamwork skills, improving their communication, behaviour, practising their patience. Their developed skills can strengthen their efficiency at any future tasks, no matter the field.

Confidence: Art projects can help students who are often shy in a general classroom environment to step up and talk about their ideas. Seeing the finished product can provide a sense of pride and encouragement to strive for bigger achievements. With the confidence gained, they are capable to step out of their comfort zone and take more risks in any areas of their lives.

Cultural Awareness & Empathy: Art is leading as a creative way of learning and deepening youth’s knowledge of different cultures, societies, past and current events. Expressing what people from other cultures went through, political, social issues they struggled with through art can help young individuals become more empathetic and tolerant.

Critical Thinking: When working on an art project, students have to think about the concept and possible interpretation of the artwork, they also need to develop and practice their logic and problem solving to finish their task, which is an essential thing when working in any industry.

Explore the campus

AUB's drawing studio with the A Block in the background


Our campus is a living, breathing, academic environment for creativity – it's where you'll make amazing things happen
Life drawing class taking place inside the Drawing Studio

Drawing Studio

Our icon, blue Drawing Studio is used by student from all courses and was designed by Alumnus, Sir Peter Cook
A wall covered in colourful storyboards and multicolour book stands
Our in-house gallery, TheGallery, is a major resource for contemporary art and design in the South of England
Display Cabinet


MoDiP is the UK's leading resource for the study and interpretation of design in plastics and specialist research resource
Still from the Green Week video showing fresh green produce in a box

The Environment and AUB

Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for the University as a specialist provider of arts, design, media and performance education
Inside AUB's Library

The Library

The Library at AUB holds an excellent range of print and online collections
Actress sitting on a chair by a window

Bournemouth Film School

With a history spanning over 50 years, BFS sits at the heart of AUB, setting the standard for turning creativity into careers
Image of Starbucks counter and seating area

Food and Drink

We’ve got plenty of food and drink choices all over the AUB campus