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Teachers and Advisors Hub

Championing creative education

No creative journey is the same but we know that inspiring your students, whatever their ambition, is at the heart of what we do in creative education.

As part of a community of creative educators, we're united in our passion for the arts and our shared goal to broaden students' perspectives on where a creative pathway could lead them.

Whether you have students that know who they want to be or students that are still working it out, we have a route to the creative industries to suit everyone's personal journey.

AUB students sitting outside the university library
Student talking to a member of AUB Staff at a UCAS Event

About our Schools' Hub

Our dedicated Schools and Colleges team are here to support teachers and advisors to create more opportunities for young people to engage with creative arts and experience valuable insights into higher education and beyond.

Students working in the print room
School students taking part in AUB's Body Beautiful workshop in MoDiP
Children taking part in a Gallery workshop
School students admiring a sculpture at a TheGallery School Workshop
Student enjoying coffee at the Starbuck on AUB Campus
Summer School students working together
Student using scissors to cut out shapes

Meet your Gatsby benchmarks

Our unique range of activities for schools and colleges has been designed to support you in meeting your Gatsby benchmarks and empower your students to make decisions about their future.

School students taking part in AUB Body Beautiful workshop in MoDiP
Students screen printing using red paint
Life drawing class taking place inside the Drawing Studio

What we offer

From delivering informative presentations, to attending Careers Fairs, to arranging visits to our inspiring campus, we have a diverse range of outreach activities both on and off campus.

We also host exciting events for schools and colleges throughout the year, including Portfolio Days, art workshops and theatre and dance performances.


Our free careers guidance tool is available to all schools and colleges to bring a new dimension to exploring creative pathways. Scroll through 1000s of images, create a collection of images tailored to you and browse creative matches and generated study and career resources.

Illustration of the character, WonderWhat.
School pupils use AUB's WonderWhat creative careers tool

All Access AUB

We believe that every individual should be able to access creative activities and explore new opportunities, no matter their background. That's where our post-16 access scheme, ‘All Access AUB’ comes in.

Edgar enjoyed a tour of his old campus!
Brick exterior at AUB Campus Halls

Guidance for teachers and advisors

We offer a range of tailored provisions to support students in making a well-informed, successful application to a creative degree programme.

A busy image focussing on a female student ambassador in a blue, AUB branded t-shirt talking to a group of potential students at a careers fair

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Student ambassador helping out on an open day