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A section of the illustrated cover of the fifth issue of One Piece of Advice, the Alumni Magazine from AUB. The cover features a selection of motivational quotes and cute Y2K-inspired illustrations

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This is the much-anticipated fifth issue of OPOA, featuring interviews with award-winning acting grad Ryan Calais Cameron; guitar maker Elliott Trent and Drag King Zack of All Tradezzz.

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Nowadays, people don’t often give themselves time, it’s all about the glory. But are you an artist? Do you really want this? If you do, take your time, find out what’s unique about what you do and what you can give to the world that no one else can.

Ryan Calais Cameron, Double Olivier Award nominee and BA (Hons) Acting Alumnus

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This issue of One Piece of Advice features the work of some of our amazing AUB Alumni.

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