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Haul of wins for AUB at Creative Conscience Awards 2019


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The not-for-profit organisation, which aims to promote sustainability and inspire creatives to apply their talents to socially valuable projects, recognises designers, communicators and artists whose work exemplifies social health and well-being.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate Harriet Roberts was also awarded a Gold Award for her project, Dermapa+ch. The grow-your-own patch promotes wound healing, in a practical and natural form. The patch can heal second-degree burns faster, without leaving a scar, and treats skin injuries using sterile water for immediate relief to the patient.

Harriet said: “Burning yourself is a very common occurrence, so much so that people don’t provide the right treatment for the wound in order for it to heal properly, unless it is massively blistered. Running the injury under cold water relieves pain by taking the heat away, however, most people do not leave the burn under the tap for long enough in order to prevent scarring. Burns to recover well, need to be kept in a cold and moist environment and not left to air dry’.

“For this reason, kombucha is the perfect cool compress for burn victims. It can be saturated in clean sterile water and is ready to use on the skin for immediate relief. The grow-your-own kit contains all the ingredients you need and explains, step by step, how to produce your own patch which can be used to advocate wound healing in cuts or burns to reduce the damaged tissue.

MA Graphic Design student JR Ryan also received a Highly Commended award for his project, Reset:AR, a social network designed to de-programme individuals from the influence of propaganda and marketing affecting people every day.

JR said: “Reset:AR is a gamified augmented reality social network, similar to Pokémon Go, where verified editors create alternative propaganda content designed according to the principles of the Reset:Propaganda system.”

He added: “Users engage with this content through their phones as an AR overlay on top of existing propaganda, revealing the true nature of the message or medium.”

BA (Hons) Graphic Design students Georgia Wilkins and Steve Paul also picked up awards, winning Bronze and Silver for their designs. Georgia’s Product and Structural Design win was awarded to her for Fidget, a sensory phone case designed to assist young people with autism in potentially stressful scenarios. Steve’s design, Sol Buds, a stamp and spray sun protection lotion was also recognised for the research behind his concept.

Steve said: “Just one blistering sunburn during childhood can increase the risk of developing melanoma by up to 80% later in life. From my research I found out that most children get burnt every year! As a result of this, I designed Sol Buds, a kid’s ‘stamp and spray’ sun care range. The double sided ‘stamp and spray’ bottles have the ability to stamp out sunburn with the accurate sun cream re-application indicating stamps.

“The water-resistant stamp uses photochromic inks (UV reactive) which take the guess work out of sun protection and provides an immediate visual indicator for when sun cream needs to be reapplied”

Graphic designer Dora Newstead received the Bronze award for her project, AudioCook in the Service Design category. AudioCook is a recipe kit and app service designed for the visually impaired which features audio recipes and voice-controlled navigation for easy, eyes-free cooking.

Dora said: “To be selected as a Creative Conscience is incredibly heartening. It has given me the confidence to continue creating socially valuable projects knowing that my work has been recognised. It is also incredibly motivating to know I have the ability to help improve the lives of others through graphic design, whilst simultaneously perusing my passion.”

AUB’s success this year builds upon results from last year’s ceremony, which saw five BA (Hons) Graphic Design students win Gold for their work, and three BA (Hons) Illustration students win Highly Commended Bronze and Silver awards.

Find out more about BA (Hons) Graphic Design, MA Graphic Design and BA (Hons) Visual Communication.

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