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A sketchbook with a colourful painting of a human face half-covered with flowers.

Art and Design using Mixed Media

  • Ages: 12-15
  • Term: Autumn, spring
  • Length: 8 weeks


In this experimental course young artists aged 12-15 will explore a range of different mediums and discover new ways to create.

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What you need to know

When does it run?

Autumn term 2024

Saturday 28 September – 30 November 2024

Please note, there's no session on 5 October or 2 November due to AUB Open Days.

Spring term 2025

Saturday 1 February – 22 March 2025

How long is the course?

8 Saturdays

What time are the classes?


Who's this course for?

This course has been developed for aspiring artists aged 12-15.

Does my young artist need any qualifications or experience?

No. This is an introductory course, so your young artist doesn't need any previous experience, just buckets of enthusiasm!

I’m not sure if this is suitable for my young artist. Can I speak to someone?

Yes of course! If you'd like to discuss if this course is suitable for your young artist, get in touch with us: email or call +44 (0) 1202 363222.

How much does this course cost?


What's included in this price?

  • All course materials and resources
  • Everything your young artist will need to take part in the course will be provided by us – no hidden costs!

  • Classes are practical, so wear clothes that you don't mind your young artists getting messy
  • Drinks and snacks for break time and duration of class; please ensure snacks don't contain nuts
  • It's strongly advised phones, tablets and other valuables aren't brought to class. Any personal possessions are the responsibility of your young artist and AUB won't be liable for any loss or damage

About this course

This exciting and hands-on course offers budding young artists and designers the opportunity to develop their natural creative interests within a structured taught programme. Your young artists will have time to test and experiment their creativity within a professional studio environment, to fully engage and craft their ideas into final real outcomes.

Your young artists will explore the potential of their own creativity using a range of methods and materials, from painting and drawing, print making, 2D and 3D work, idea exploration and much, much more. This’ll give them the chance to develop a range of skills and techniques that’ll allow them to work in a variety of different mediums and combine them to create truly expressive pieces of work.

This course has been designed especially for young artists that wish to develop independent skills and advance their own creative journey through a range of materials and techniques, some of which may not be covered in their school art classes.

Your young artists will be supported to fully explore their creative talent and future potential, with the aim of helping them discover the art and design discipline that they wish to specialise in.

They’ll be expertly led by their tutor Julie James, who comes from diverse creative professional background in art and design practice.

  • Explore a range of materials and different processes
  • Get to grips using a range of professional tools, equipment, and studio environments
  • Contemporary art and design projects
  • Experiment with different art disciplines, including painting, drawing, printmaking, and modelmaking
  • Art theory
  • Sustainability and environmental impact
  • Develop their personal style

At the end of the course, your young artist will:

  • Possess improved artistic skills
  • Be able to use a range of different art materials and understand which materials best suit their intentions
  • Have developed a variety of traditional and contemporary design techniques
  • Understand issues surrounding sustainability and the environment
  • Know which art discipline they wish to specialise in
  • Have increased confidence in their own skills
  • Have boosted creativity and imagination
  • Feel inspired by the new skills they've learnt and from sharing ideas with new friends
  • You can request a certificate to confirm your young artist's achievements, providing they have 100% attendance record. To request a certificate please get in touch with us at and confirm name of your young artist and the title of course they've completed

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Meet your young artist’s tutor

Headshot for J James.

Julie James

Julie James is an accomplished art and design practitioner in both an academic teaching setting and in a professional capacity.

Beyond the course

This could just be the start of your young artist's creative journey! After this course, your young artist could further their artistic skills with alternative Saturday Art School subjects or look forward to the future and the next step(s) in their creative journey by exploring AUB's Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media.

Two large eyeballs sitting on a colourful surface, and several tiny eyeballs on sticks.

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Creative Futures in Art and Design for Further Education

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Saturday Art School

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Important information about Saturday Art School courses

Student using a camera

Why choose Saturday Art School for your young artist?

At Saturday Art School we encourage your young artists to be themselves; there's no right or wrong way to be creative.

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Short Courses FAQs – Evening and Weekend and Saturday Art School

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Saturday Art School

Saturday Art School booking T&Cs

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before booking your young artist onto our Saturday Art School courses.

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How to book

Looking to book onto one of our Evening and Saturday courses? You’ll find everything you need to book your place here.

A student stands painting two cherries in a sketch book.

Suggested Suppliers

Information about resourcing specialist materials/consumables that you may need to bring these with you

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