BA (Hons) coursesArchitecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)

Course Overview

Architecture at AUB is the first step towards becoming a creative architect.

On this unique course, you’ll work within the context of a studio-based arts university, where everyone shares an interest in different forms of making.

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Architecture as Making

On the course, you’ll prepare for professional practice (ARB/RIBA Part 1) and investigate the ways we live in the world, individually and collectively. You’ll interrogate our spatial relationships with materials, to make places that make a difference.

You’ll be exposed to a wide range of skills that will form the foundation of your career in Architecture, including: making, collaboration, designing and doing.

You’ll develop an understanding of the practice and theory of architecture, grounded in making, along with critical thinking and a familiarity with the material nature of architectural ideas.

You’ll explore the reflective practice of making thoughtful, tangible, inhabited places that mediate between the individual, the world we live in and the others we live with.

The Learning Experience

Both inside and outside of the studio, as well as in regular seminars, lectures and reviews, you’ll engage in projects that encourage the creative balancing of rigour and risk, informed by technical and contextual knowledge.

Integrating theory with practice is at the heart of professional architectural practice, so that’s exactly what you’ll do here. You’ll raise issues, explore, experiment and make judgements.

You’ll discuss and present ideas about architecture as an expressive act through making tangible propositions, mindful of how they might be realised.

This ‘research-by-making’ encourages risk-taking, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Unique collaborations

At every stage in your degree, there are opportunities to enrich your own studio practice through interdisciplinary collaborations with other creative subjects, either in shared studio workshops, through lectures, or on an informal basis with other students.

Through exploring practice and theory with other specialisms you will increase your awareness of the characteristics of architectural thought and practice, while enriching these through collaboration.


You can read more about learning and teaching at AUB and when you will receive your timetable here.



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